Friday, December 31, 2010


Well it has been an eventful December I must say. We have had fun these past four weeks. Drew has been on break since Melanie was born. He has to go back to school on Monday. We have had so much fun, but I think we are ready for a routine. We have been spending time with family and friends, watching movies, going on walks, eating food, and catching up on sleep. I definitely think that Melanie was born on December 5th for a reason. I have been so lucky to have Drew home for as long as I have. He has been awesome. He helps out at night as much as he can and is happy to do it. He loves Melanie so much it is so cute.
Yesterday was our anniversary, and I forgot my camera but it was really fun. We went to a really romantic movie.... True Grit. Ok not so romantic but it was pretty good. We then went to PF Changs and exchanged our traditional letters to each other. Melanie joined us for dinner and slept the whole time.
Things have been going well. She is off and on with sleeping well at night. Don't ask me about last night, but it hasn't been too bad overall. It's so funny, because when I first get up in the middle of the night I am so exhausted and think I am going to sleep all day tomorrow, but then the next day comes, and I think, oh that wasn't too bad. And then the same thing happens the next night. I just don't like sleeping during the day, there are so many other things I want to do. She is growing up quick. There is something we see her do that's new every few days. Other than that she is great. Very cute and lovable.
Four generations.

Oh my goodness, this little lady LOVES her changing table. She would spend all day there if she could.

My friend Susan and I. They are three days apart.

My sister Lori and I with Brayden and Mel. They are matching with their cute little outfits. "All I want for Christmas is my Auntie." Don't they look happy?

Drew with Kyla and Sawyer

I love how much Kyla (my niece) loves Melanie. She wants to "pet" her hair all the time.
And check out those boots. It's not a good shot of them but they are awesome.

She loves her aunt.

Great Grandma

These are her little baby pics a friend of mine took a few weeks ago.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Melanie Ann Foster

Here is a little video we put together of the first week of Melanie Ann's life. Special thanks to Justin Bieber for music, Margaret for taking the pictures in front of the tree (for a Christmas/announcement card), and Melanie for being so cute and easy to love. Enjoy.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

The Babe

Melanie Ann Foster arrived on Sunday December 5th at 11:40 a.m. She weighed 7 pounds 13 oz. Actually smaller than I anticipated, but that is still a good sized baby. Everything went well. On Saturday night at 1:30 I woke up with contractions. We timed them and they were 5 minutes apart so we called and went to the hospital. The contractions got worse and worse. Pretty much the minute we got there the nurse asked if I wanted an epidural. I was thinking well... yeah... but it's only been 3 hours. I was worried it would slow down labor,(and that it was a little wimpy) but she said it wouldn't. I decided to do it. AND oh my goodness was I a happy lady. Holy cow, honestly I don't know how people do it naturally. I applaud anyone who does. That will probably never be me. I did have a patch that it didn't reach, but it actually helped me know when to push because I knew when I was having a contraction so it all worked out. I was in labor for ten hours. And I was progressing great. I pushed for an hour. And it wasn't too bad until the very end. OH MY GOODNESS, I thought if I had an epidural that it wouldn't hurt that bad. I was very wrong. After she crowned it was the worst pain of my life. But the moment she came out it was pure joy. What an experience. It's crazy.
So far, she has been a dream. It's just so intense how much you love your own child. WOW. I am obsessed with her. She is the cutest. Nursing has been so great. She just latched right on, and hasn't had a problem (except when she can't stay awake) since. I love that time. Watching her little fingers touch me and grab onto my shirt kills me, it's just sooo cute. Her little body melts my heart. I also love love her hair. I think it will all fall out and maybe change colors, but I love it right now. Her cry is a very cute cry too.
The first night we were home was a rough one. I got one hour of sleep. But then last night was great. She does not like sleeping flat on her back yet, so we have her in the swing and she loves that.
We had our first doctor's appointment today and she is doing great. She does have jaundice I am sure you can tell. We have to go back tomorrow to see if she needs her own little tanning bed. So we will see.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


So.. I went to the doctor today for my 36 week appointment. She did an ultrasound and everything looks great. AND our "little" Melanie is 6 lbs 8 oz already! Talk about chunker right? I was wondering why I look so big! Even at 32 weeks I had this convo with a lady I had never met before.
Lady: Oh, you must be ready to pop any day now.
Me: um... well I still have 8 weeks.
Lady: (shocked face) Twins??
Me: No.
Lady: Must be a boy right?
Me: No.
Lady: Ohhh wow... huh good luck

Let's just hope she doesn't gain a pound a week!
Anyway, other than that I had my last baby shower. It was a lot of fun. My friends did an
excellent job. I got more great gifts. We are totally set now. Thanks everyone. Check out the pics.
These are the girls who threw the shower.
(Andrea, Hillary, Jandi)

These are the cute decorations and food Jandi did. Andrea, did that homemade fruit platter:) She is so domestic!

There was a game where they had magazines and had to make my baby. They were pretty great, and also a little scary.

My friend Stacey made this awesome icecream cake. It was soooo stinkin good.

I gave her the blanket Laura (my sister in law) made for her inspiration.

RaeLyn made this hooter hider for me. Now I have two which will be really nice.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


We went to a Halloween party last night, and I went as a soccer mom and Drew went as himself, a nerd. Just kidding.... kind of. My friend Andrea showed up as me. We pretty much looked like twins except for her tan skin, tall and skinny legs, and dark eye brows. But that jean jacket she is sporting is totally me. That was the largest shirt she could find at the thrift store. The volleyball in her shirt made a pretty great baby too.

My hat says #1 mom if you were wondering

Jandi, me, Andrea, and Jami

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Baby Shower

This weekend has been really fun. My friends Emily and Kelsey threw me a baby shower on Saturday. It was SO fun. It just made me feel so grateful. Grateful for all the people who are in my life, grateful that they would want to drive so far to come, grateful that they would be so generous with gifts and really loving to help us out. I am so thankful to have Emily and Kelsey who put in so much work. It was awesome. You guys are the best.
I didn't get a group picture, but I chose a select few (mostly because I can't look at some of the ones I am in, so sorry if you are not in these:) Allie and Mara, I can't find the pic we took. If you have one on your camera will you send it to me? Thanks.
One more shower to go. I am having one with my church friends Nov. 6th. Man, I love baby showers. Can't wait!

Look at this diaper cake!! Emily made it. So amazing. I can't take it apart I love it too much.

The wonderful food. Seriously it was sooo good.

My sister-in-law made this blanket. Unbelievable. She is so talented. I have the best sisters-in-law.

Megan, Angie, and me

Kels and Alexis

I just love this picture. I don't know what Emily and I are looking at. It looks very important though.

Debbie, Kyla, Lori (my sis)

My niece Joy

This is part of the nursery. Check out the name. If you didn't know we are naming her Melanie. Emily made the letters. I just picked out the paper and she did the rest.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lovin' It

Well it's official, I am 80 years old. That's right I have started water aerobics, and I am by FAR the youngest person there. My joints hurt so much that this really helps, and you can get a good workout. I still do the eliptical, stair stepper, and walk on the other days I don't have water aerobics. I have such an urge to work out really hard. When I first got pregnant I was kind of excited to not work out so hard, but now I really miss being able to push myself. It seems like it's going to be forever before I can run again. I guess I should just live it up now.
Other than that life is fabulous. I have enjoyed this first week and a half off. I have been doing lots of crafts for Christmas presents, scrapbooking, sleeping, reading, and cooking. It's AWESOME. I will never have this kind of opportunity again so I am trying to enjoy every minute of it.

Friday, October 01, 2010


The day has come. I am retired after 3.25 years. Ok I realize I can't call it retirement, but I just like it ok. Right now I am thrilled I have to be honest. I think it will start to sink in soon. It's really strange though, because it's almost like my identity has been being a teacher. My conversations are often around teaching. Now I am just hangin out until the babe comes. I have to say though that I don't know how teachers or anyone else works up until they have a baby. Teaching is so demanding with your body, your energy, and sanity that I definitely think it's a good thing to stop before I am unhappy and way too uncomfortable being there. I have loved these past few months. My class was fabulous. So it's good to go out on a good note. My work threw me a baby shower which was sooo nice. Kelsey headed it up and she did a great job!

Here is my wonderful team, Miranda, Kelsey, Me and Katie. Can't wait for our weekly lunches at my house!

I just had to show off Kelsey's skills. She made roses out of little baby socks. So cute, and useful.

My principal ordered Jason's deli for breakfast. It was so good.

I got some sweet stuff. I really can't believe how generous everyone was. Thanks to everyone!

Kelsey, me and Alexis. I am not a huge fan of this pic of me, but these days it's slim pickins for pictures I actually like of myself

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Things are going well in the Foster home. I just wanted to share the talents of my amazing sister-in-law Laura. She made this blanket for me and it is hanging over the crib. She also made a nursing cover which I love. And I added a few belly shots to show the progression. Somehow we lost the 16 week picture.

12 weeks

20 weeks

25 weeks