Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Saint Louis!

In case you didn't know, we moved to Saint Louis for Drew to do an orthodontics residency. Of all the places we might have gone, I am so glad we ended up here. We have been here for about a month, and it has been very busy and fun. Drew is happy with his program and I have been busy settling in, and exploring this city. There is so much to do here. It is so family friendly, I love it.

It is about a 14 hour drive from Denver with 3 kids and a dog. We were surprised how good the kids were. Us on the other hand..... We had just finished the Ragnar on Friday, flew to Colorado that night, stayed up late packing the car, and then took off early Saturday morning so we could make it in one day. And then Drew started his program on Monday. This summer has been such a whirlwind, that we are happy to stay put for a while.
Here's our cute house. We live on a culdesac!  We have lots of room upstairs, and a nice walkout basement that is spacious.

Yes, that's right we have a gazebo in our back yard. Tea party anyone?

We have loved the splash parks here. We are trying to adjust to the humidity here, but I don't know if I'll ever get used to it, so I have just accepted it. Although, because of the humidity it is nice and green here. And I absolutely love the huge trees.

We live super close to Creve Couer Lake Park. There is so much to do there.

We went to The Magic House, which really was magical. We didn't even get to half of it. They have different sections with all sorts of things, like a little grocery store for kids, a bank, a nursery, waterplay, ect...

The babies were loving it too!

We spent the 4th of July with some friends from church. Melanie was in heaven.

One thing I love about Saint Louis is there are so many things that are free, including the zoo! Check out Melanie's sweaty face! It' humid here people.

My good friend Jena lives here, which I am SOOO happy about. It's been so fun working out with her and hanging out with and without our kids:)
 Carson and Melanie were trying to beat the heat. 

This park is gorgeous. (We are trying to show off our free slurpees from 7 Eleven)

We had a fun time eating dinner under the arch. It is huge!

We go on a long walk every day after breakfast, I can't get enough of this neighborhood. It is so cute. I love all the houses and the huge trees. We usually walk by this cute pond by our house and fee the geese. Unfortunately the geese like to sleep in so we don't see them very often.

This is how we roll. She also enjoys sitting on top or running beside me. But I think she thinks it's fun to sit in the basket.

Don't worry that's a happy face.

Monday, July 08, 2013

Ragnar Relay

We did the Wasatch Back again this year, and it didn't disappoint. A Ragnar is a two day relay race. You have twelve people on your team divided between two vans. Each person runs three times, and has different lengths and difficulty levels. The Wasatch Back is in Utah, and runs from Logan to Park City. The mountains are gorgeous! Which also means it's stinkin hard!! I didn't get hardly any pictures of the scenery or pictures that capture some of the crazy hard mountains people ran. It is one of those things, that when you are running you think, why on earth am I doing this? But then after each run you feel amazing. And it's so fun because you have a whole team behind you.
I felt good about how I did. My knee and calf were hurting ridiculously bad by my third run, but I made it. I averaged about a 7 minute mile on all my runs, which is pretty much what I was hoping for.  We took 8th in our division (which is men and women teams) and 31st overall out of 1400 teams. Basically we rocked it!

My awesome sister-in-law Dana and I at the start. Before the craziness began.

Drew was runner number 1, so he had to start us off. He's on the far left. Don't worry he took them all down. Except for "Shirtless Wonder," he was pretty fast:)

Ty cheering Drew on!

Each team decorates their vans with their team name. Some people are so creative. We had some disagreements on the name, so it doesn't really make sense to anyone but us.

Dana and Laura (My sisters-in-law)

Getting ready for my night run with all my gear.

Friday, July 05, 2013

Foster Fam Reunion

Once again we had our annual Foster family reunion in Breckenridge. It was a total blast. It's so fun to see our kids play together, to just relax and chat, and just spend time together.

We had a couple days in Denver before we headed to Breckenridge, so Liz was able to instruct us in our own special yoga class. 
Also, all the adults were able to go to Mickey's retirement dinner at Elways. He worked for the same company for 42 years. So impressive! It was a special night. Somehow we didn't get a picture.

The ladies made a delicious Father's Day dinner! Here's everyone eating dessert, and watching the slide show of all the dads.

The manliest man competition! 
They are measuring their vertical. Adam took home the coveted statue.

The rock throw. They had to hit a certain tree. They also had a large rock throw.

Battle of wits.

The sing off. Drew and Ty realized they were singing the same song, so at the last minute they surprised us all and joined forces.

The baby wall. We needed to add Julia in here!

Of course we enjoyed the hot tubs. The girls LOVED it!

Dance par-tay!

The gondola!

The pine cone war. It's the dads against the kids.

Sorry, this is a little out of order but we also had a talent show in Denver. I didn't get a picture of everyone, but we have a lot of talented people!

Melanie performed a dance with Jane and Audrey.

One of her classic moves. Drew taught her to dance:)

We were able to have our ladies lunch. It's always fun to just have the ladies alone.

I have to mention how fun the newlywed game was that Megan put together, as well as the family trivia. I look forward to the reunion all year. It's always a great time!