Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bye Bye Hair

So I did it. I finally cut my hair. It was becoming WAY too long. I was able to donate my hair so that made me happy. Many people have told me that I am not a person that should have short hair, but I decided I didn't care, and it's hair so if I don't like it oh well, it will grow back.

I will say it was pretty funny because I am pretty sure the salon I went to really only cuts African American hair. I was definitely sticking out, but it was really fun.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

What's Shakin'

I know I have been a terrible blogger ok, but here is a quick update. Things are settling down here in Denver. We are loving the house so much! Drew has started school and is really enjoying it. He just had his first test last week and rocked it. School for me is going well. I really like my kids and my teamates. There are some things I am not fond of, but I am just so happy to have a good class and good co workers.
On another note, my sister had her baby boy, and he is adorable. He looks a lot like Kyla when she was born. My sister is now a mother of two.
This last weekend we had our first house guest. My friend Marcy came to visit us. It was sooo fun, and just what I needed. We did a day in Denver, just relaxed, made food, ate food, and talked a lot of course. We went to 16th street mall and then to the Taste of Colorado. It was so fun. I think just people watching is a highlight for me. What is it about girl friends that is so great? And three day weekends are the best!
Anyway, all in all things are going well.

I suppose my sister should be in this pic, my bad.