Thursday, July 31, 2008


Ok we are back! We just spent the last 2 weeks in Colorado, and guess how many pictures I took? ZERO. So, I am sorry because pictures are more fun to look at. BUT.. we had a great time. We spent time with both families, checked out the dental school, played a lot of the game "Settlers," saw many of our wonderful friends (tried to get them to start their own blogs!! You know who you are), had a 90th surprise birthday party for Drew's grandma,  saw the Dark Knight, ate very well, missed out on our backpacking trip due to my ridiculous cough (but I am better now), Drew played a lot of golf, I finished the third book for the Twilight series, we went to the Reinassance Festival (sp?), on the way back to Provo we stayed at the bed and breakfast in Grand Junction that we stayed at one night on our honeymoon.
The whole trip was so fun, because there were so many family members that were around that there was always something going on. Anyway, I suppose our summer is almost up:( It has been sooo fun, and I am sad for it to end, but I get excited about teaching again this year. We might try and go to Jackson for a few days next week but if not we'll save it for the fall. Now we have three of our friends getting married in the next three weekends, it should be fun! 

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Back From The South

We can now feel good about leaving Utah. We have gone to all the major sites. Our friends Adam and Susan drove from Laramie on Sunday night, they stayed at our lovely bed and breakfast and then we drove down to St. George on Monday. We spent the evening hanging out, swimming, and just relaxing. Tuesday we got up and drove to the Grand Canyon. There are no words to describe it. It's too hard to capture on camera as well. We camped out that night, which was really nice, the weather was perfect. We got up the next morning and headed to Zion's. That too was unbelievable. It is just so gorgeous. We hiked up the Narrows, which was really neat. You had to hike up a river most of the way. And the mountain walls keep getting closer, or more narrow. Hence the Narrows. Then that night we stayed with some of Adam's family in St. George. Adam and Drew got up the next morning and went back to Zion's to do Angel's Landing. Which I really wanted to do, but was not in the right condition. I had serious blisters still from Mt. Timp, as well as a cold. Anyway, they loved it, and the pictures looked awesome.
That day we drove back to Provo, and Susan and Adam stayed with us until Saturday. It was fun to just hang out in P-town with them. Overall, it was an awesome trip. We planned on going to Hawaii with them, and that didn't work out, so this was the next best thing. Also, Susan is 4 months pregnant and did great!

St. George Temple
At the Grand Canyon

This is part of the Narrows.

There are places that are super deep, and places that are really shallow. Drew can't touch the ground in this picture.

In 106 degree weather this felt great!

This is the path going up to Angel's landing. A bit scary

At the top

Just hangin around the top of about 1,000 foot cliff. No big deal.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Conquered The Mountain

Well we have finally conquered all of Mount Timpanogos. On Wednesday we hiked up to Timpanogos Cave with our Neighbors. They have 3 kids. They are so fun, and we really had a great time. The kids struggled a bit on the way down. They were screaming and crying that they couldn't walk another step. Soo dramatic. All I could do was laugh (is that mean?) They're kids... what can you say? Don't worry they got in the car and were happy and ready for lunch.
Then on Saturday we hiked Mount Timpanogos with our friends Brent and Christa. We left at 5 am and got home at 3 pm. We stopped a few times for different things, like losing the camera and Drew running back a mile and a half to find it, and for my blisters I got on my heels after 2 hours of hiking. Never again will I wear hiking boots. Anyway, it was still soooo fun! The last few hours of the hike up to the summit we had to hike up a glacier, which was pretty tough, but on the way down we got to go sledding without the sled! It was amazingly beautiful, and with the glacier and waterfalls everywhere it was awesome. On the way down we slid down a few more snow patches. We got more and more daring, which made for more and more cuts and bruises. Overall it was great! Drew and I were talking about how hiking is one of those things that makes you really appreciate everything.... the fact that it is so beautiful, that we have bodies that allows us to do things like this, and that we can go home and have air conditioning and take a shower. Which felt so good.
Also, yes I am wearing the same thing on both hikes, and yes I did wash them before both hikes.

This is hiking Timp Cave. Look at the kids, I love it!

This is when we reached the top.

This is inside the cave. They call it the heart of the cave behind me. (Don't you love the bandaid on my neck?)

She actually was happy inside the cave, although she doesn't look it.

This is right when we started on the path up the mountain.

Awesome waterfalls! One of many.

They are staring out into the distance.

We had to cross these all the time, actually a bit scary. Drew stepped once and broke through the snow, with a river below.

This is the path to the summit, a bit narrow.

We made it!

This is the shelter up at the top. Very windy. And very cool.

We had to hike this going up.

As you can see we didn't hike down. It was soooo fast, and hard to stop.

Here is Drew with some goats.

Gorgeous Lake

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Last night we went up to Midway, Utah. It's where I ran my half marathon. We really liked it when we were there so we thought we should make a trip out of it the next time. It's just a really cute little mountain town. It's really beautiful. We had such a great time. We relaxed, we went to the golfing range to hit some balls (which was right next to a gorgeous river), then we remembered seeing something being set up down the road for a concert. After "golfing" we were sitting in a gazebo and heard the concert starting, and we thought maybe we would go check it out. Then I said what if Ryan Shupe was there.. jokingly. And low and behold it was Ryan Shupe and Peter Breinholt. It was so great!! We were so excited. The concert was great, and afterwards we got a pic with Ryan.
The next day we slept in really late, which is fun sometimes. Then we had breakfast next to a cute little pond. After that we went to the crater. And then sadly we left.
I love spending time with my man. We just always have so much fun. I love him!!

This is a picture from the top of the crater.

Here they are in action.

I was so excited, but I tried to play it cool.

Here is our little breakfast table. We fed the ducks what we didn't eat.

Ok we didn't feed them everything we didn't eat. I knew it was going to be large, but you've got to be kidding me.

This is me pointing down to the crater.

And this is looking up.

Here's Drew relaxing. It is 65 feet deep.