Sunday, February 01, 2015

The Big 3-0!

Drew and I both turned 30! It was definitely a memorable one! We are thrilled to be in our thirties! I feel like it will be the prime of my life. 40 will be a different story.....

Jena and Drew threw me a sweet surprise party. I had NO idea. They were pretty sneaky. It was a week before my birthday so it really hadn't even crossed my mind. I just thought we were having a little dinner at the Jones's. Jena has thrown me soo many parties. I love her SO much. She is the best friend any one could ever ask for.
Jena makes the most amazing cakes and frosting! Drew made this sweet fruit pizza, and we enjoyed some Jilly's cupcakes and chocolate covered strawberries. Oh and I can't forget eating my favorite pizza! Jett's pizza is the best!

Jena, Heather, me, Melissa, Sabrina, and Ashley. Husbands were also there, but this is a ladies pic only!

The morning of my birthday Drew had everything all ready when I woke up. Check out this awesome sign!

Not a bad way to start out my thirties!

I forgot to get a picture at Tucanos. We went there with our friends Stacy, Donny, Ashley, Al, Melissa, and Jena. It was delicious as always! Afterward Jena and I headed over to get some Froyo! It's not a birthday with out Froyo!

Three weeks after I turned thirty it was Drew's turn! We were going to go to Tucanos again (yes we love Tucanos, plus they give you a free birthday dinner) but I didn't make a reservation since we showed up at 5:00!!!! I thought only old people go at 5:00. Wrong! So we headed over to Texas Roadhouse instead. It was soo fun. Although they didn't give us a free meal:(

Even though I don't love this picture of me, Lacey is so stinkin cute I couldn't resist!

Drew was super excited to ride the horse;)

The girls and I wrote thirty things we love about Drew. I also had a lot of Drew's friends and family write emails to our girls that they will read when they are older. Everyone just wrote memories, and things they like about Drew. It was a lot of fun to read them, and to hear how much people love, appreciate, and admire him. We know some pretty funny and kind people!

Drew asked that for his birthday I take him somewhere that I would never choose myself. Let's just say I'm not the most adventurous eaters! So we went to a place called Lu Lu's. It is Chinese food, but not the kind that I like. Chicken feet anyone? So these pictures crack me up! I asked one of the waitresses to take our picture. I thought she would just back up and take it of all of us, but she had us all move to one side of the table, and then couldn't seem to get us all in. We joked because it was like Logan and I were a couple and Jena and Drew were.