Sunday, May 19, 2013

9 months

These little ladies are nine months! How can it be possible they will be turning one in three months?? Time is flying by!! They are doing new things daily. Right now they are crawling everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE, and fast. I have to seriously be on my toes with them. They can crawl up the stairs.... and fall down them too. They pull up on everything, and can stand on their own for a little bit. Nine months is a fun stage. They are so busy using their new tricks and exploring, that it makes my job easier in some ways and harder in others. Melanie loves playing with them, and they love it too. Whenever she is being a little rough with them, that's when they laugh the hardest so I can see that Melanie gets a little confused why I would tell her to stop. Lacey is still bigger than Abby, but I am a little worried her chub is beginning to fade. Don't worry she still has plenty for the time being:) We are learning their different personalities. Lacey is still deathly afraid of men, while Abby loves all strangers. Abby has learned a terrible cry that gets us to do anything quickly, and we are learning that she is working us. Lacey is still a snuggler, while Abby can't sit in your lap for more than 2 seconds. Abby has two teeth, and Lacey is a late bloomer like Mel. I am loving this stage, and I think it's fun because I get glimpses of what it will be like when they are all walking and talking to each other. It's going to be sooo cute. In case you were wondering Lacey weighs 20 lbs and Abby weighs 17 lbs. (The rest of the stats are in a file, and I'm too lazy to get them)

I love them in just their diapers. Because really how long do they have those cute chubby bodies?
They are ALWAYS on top of each other. They laugh and have fun, but it almost always turns ugly.

It's fun being able to take them to restaurants now. Melanie was only slightly excited to go to Chick-Fil-A;)

I just love this picture of Lacey.

A little snuggle time outside with Lacey.

I still go to the store with them, but that's because I keep expecting there to be those car carts! It bugs me so much when I can't find them ANYWHERE!!!

This is a bit blurry, but you get the picture..... snuggling/attacking dad.

I took this picture when I came home from a run. They were all just waiting at the door.

Abby just pulling up.

Sometimes it's impossible to get them to look at the same time.... or at all.

They love going on walks.
They use their rollers on the deck. And it's been great until Melanie so kindly opened the gate for Lacey so she could roll right off the deck. I went inside for two seconds and the next thing I heard was Melanie screaming, "MOM, LACEY FELL!!!) It was traumatic, but she's ok. I guess that's why they stopped making the rollers for a while:)