Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Life With Three Kids

 The babies are seven weeks tomorrow! I know you all have been wondering why I haven't blogged right? Well I was just waiting to get the newborn pics back from my friend. I have to keep things in order people.
Well the past seven weeks have been great. We love these two little girls. They are super mellow, just like Mel was as a baby. Basically their schedule is sleep, eat, play, repeat. They eat every three hours during the day. And they go one long stretch at night when we put them down around seven or eight. Which means they get up around twelve or one. So we don't necessarily get a long stretch of sleep, unless we go to bed when they do, and that's just not going to happen. And then it's like clockwork. Every three hours on the dot. I often say, "Are you kidding me guys?" I wish they could go longer at night. I was just telling someone that it's really been like one long day. With Mel, we put her to bed and if it's a bad day we get to start over in twelve hours, and we all get some sleep. Well.... with the babies there is no break, which is the same with all newborns, except now I have an older VERY active child that doesn't want to sleep when the babies sleep like I want to. Surprising, I know. I have pretty much adjusted to the lack of sleep. But I am very excited for the day they sleep through the night. Drew has been great. We both get up and feed one. When one baby wakes up we get the other up too. We have also taken shifts so we each get up once, but it's just more difficult to feed both at once. Plus I do it all day so sometimes I just want to relax with one at a time. And no I am not nursing both at once. No judging please. I nurse one while the other gets a bottle and then switch the next time. Or they both get bottles. I have pretty much mastered the technique of feeding two babies at once. The hardest part about feeding them is having Mel around. I have to make sure she has something to do, because she knows my hands are tied and she can do what she wants. But she has gotten a lot better during feeding time.
And how is Mel doing? Great! She LOVES her sisters. I am not just saying that. She is obsessed. Maybe a little too much. This girl loves being a little mom. She copies EVERYTHING I say and do to the babies. Every time I feed the babies she feeds her baby dolls. When they go on tummy time so do her dolls, and so on. Most of the time she can tell the babies apart. She has had many times of being TOO nice. Such as shoving the pacifiers in their mouths, bouncing them ridiculously high in their bouncers, giving them a super strong hug or pat on the back. They are getting a little more sturdy, so they are better at taking it. 
I am doing great. I make sure to go out with girlfriends (with out kids) and also to have lots of play dates to keep me from going baby crazy. I started running Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, and I am doing cross fit Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. It's early but I am just so happy to be working out again. It feels like I have been counting down forever to get to this point. I am just so happy not to be pregnant! I still have 13 pounds to lose, which I keep reminding myself is not that bad considering I gained 55! Yikes.
Overall I really love having twins. I think I was ready for it to be really hard so it seems a lot easier to me. At least this stage anyway. Luckily they are easy babies, otherwise this would be very hard. Obviously it's harder than one baby, but three kids is also harder than two. Don't get me wrong some days are better than others. And if you could just hear them cry at the same time it sounds nuts. Oh and add Mel in there and it is laughable. Really we just laugh every time it happens. So much better to laugh at it than get stressed out. I am very busy all day long, but I love it. I love being a mom, and all the mom duties.
Oh and I can't forget to thank everyone for being such a HUGE help. Friends from church have brought dinner every other night since we have been home from the hospital, and will continue to until October 15th! Is that awesome or what?And I made enough freezer meals to last until Christmas. It is so nice not having to worry about dinner. And thanks for helping with Mel too!

Okay here is A LOT of pics. All the professional pics are from when they were 2 weeks old. The first set of professional pics are from my friend Rachel. She did a great job. Here's her email if you ever want her to take some pics. uephoto@yahoo.com

Here's Abby

And here's Lacey

And here are some pics my friend Kim took. She is the one who took the maternity pics. She is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

This is a good man. He still doesn't know I took this picture.
Tummy time everyone. She loves to be in between them right up in their business.
So happy
Abby pulled her hair, so unhappy
First Sunday at church. Abby looks unimpressed
This is how I look on our walks in the morning. We either just take a long walk or take a long walk and then play at the park. I know people are driving past wondering if these are all mine. That's a lot of babies.
Ah Mel. This was one of the funniest things I have ever seen. She did this on her own when I was putting the babies down for a nap. The woman loves her babies. And poor Sawyer gets roped into everything.
Little stinker
She wanted to wear all the flower clips.
She loves playing with the headbands
Dinner at the park
Bath time is the best!

Here's Mel feeding her baby.
Thanks for the cute outfits Brooke!
What a little cutie