Tuesday, June 11, 2013

It's Hard to Leave

Have I mentioned how much I love my friends and family? Well, I do. I have felt so blessed to find wonderful friends everywhere I have lived. Since we have lived here we have made amazing friends.You know, the kind of friendships that are for life. And we have also been able to live near family, which has been awesome.
I have had such mixed emotions about moving to Saint Louis. It's hard because I love my daily life here. Which includes family dinners, going to parks with friends, play dates, girls nights, crafting, good talks and random frozen yogurt stops:) It's also so fun to see Melanie with her friends, and while I know she will play with most kids, she has gotten to know a few who she calls her "best friends." We have also lived next to the most amazing neighbors ever! They have become like family. It's just hard starting over. But, there is also some excitement that goes with starting over. For one thing, I get to move near my good friend Jena!
I can't wait to have some visitors in Saint Louis! I have the futon all set up and everything;) 
I have some fun pictures from recently, so here's to an amazing last four years.

My friends surprised my friend Audra and I with a girls weekend. It was a total blast. We ate good food, shopped... A LOT, went hot tubing, painted nails, and enjoyed being with each other.
We met at a favorite pizza place of ours.

Jandi, Kim, Lori, Me, Audra, Chelsey

Had to hit up Crispy Creme!

They even made shirts! They used some cute shirts from Old Navy and put "girls weekend" on the front and each of our names on the back,

Our matching scarves!

Here's a pick from one of our park days. This is one of my favorite things to do! I also love how much friends help take care of my children:) They are the best!

A little Cafe Rio for Andrea's birthday!

Oh Lori, how I love you.

Emily and I have been able to run a few races together lately. This one was called "The Rave Run." It was a chaotic night run. Still so fun to do with Em.

I will also miss my sister SO much! This is us at the Bolder Boulder this year.

My sister and I also had a great day together hiking the Manitou Incline, eating at a cafe, stopping for some frozen yogurt, and then relaxing at the pool.