Friday, May 15, 2015

Blakely at 6 Months!

Listen, I love all my girls, but some stages are cuter than others, and Blakely happens to be in one of those very cute stages. Actually it's really been since she was born:) I am not exaggerating when I say she is the happiest baby on the block. The other girls were pretty happy too, but not quite like this. She just thinks life is the best!

She has been enjoying food lately. She eats mostly squash, carrots, and sweet potatoes. This is her trying avocado.

Melanie  does everything she can to entertain her. Melanie is slightly obsessed with her. But i don't mind because she's usually a big help and Blakely loves her!

At her 6 month check up. The stats are: weight: 19 lbs 5.5 oz (92%) height: 26 inches (50%). I thought she was thinning out, but maybe it's just not all in her cheeks now. We got pretty lucky we had her appointment when we did. The night before she could not sleep, which is not like her. The doctor realized she had an ear infection and we got her antibiotics right away and she's back to normal. I am not sure I would have put it together very quickly. None of the other girls have ever had an ear infection. Hopefully this won't be a trend.

She can't sit still very long.

She rolls and somehow wiggles herself all over the place.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day

We had a great Mother's Day yesterday. I feel pretty lucky to be married to such a good man. He made sure to make the whole weekend extra special. He is so good at helping the girls make it a big deal too. I just really really really love being a mother to these girls. Of course there are days I want to pull my hair out, but even then I am grateful for the experience. I often worry that I am doing something wrong, or that I am screwing them up somehow. It's a big deal to be a mom. I can't believe I am in charge of these four little people! I just hope they will at least know how much I love them. I don't know many moms who don't fiercely love their children. It's really a special relationship, and I just feel honored to be their mom.
I woke up to my favorite oatmeal buttermilk pancakes with caramel syrup! The frame with the picture is switched out each year, and all the old ones will be behind the newest one. 
The first thing Melanie said to me was, look we got you M&M's, so are you going to share them? They ended up eating all of them. Classic moment in a life of a mom. If you are wondering what they are looking at check out the next pic:)

The girls picked out this beauty:)

So they came up with a plan to hide Easter eggs all over the house and send me on a Mother's Day hunt. In each one was a nice little message from one of them. They were so ridiculously cute. Drew said he hardly prompted them at all, and you could tell:)  I will save them forever.

My girls.

They helped Drew make another awesome meal!

I feel like food pictures usually look kind of gross, but I am putting it anyway:) Steak with gorgonzola cheese sauce with fried potatoes, corn and watermelon. YES!

This is one of the pictures Drew took of the girls for the frame. Blakely was half smiling half crying.