Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Many Happenings

I have had an eventful few weeks. I am done with my first year of teaching in 2 days!! I really can't believe it. I am very excited, but at the same time I feel really sad. I feel my eyes start watering everytime I talk about it with the kids. I don't know how to explain how I feel. I am sure most teachers feel like this with their class at the end, but I think because it's my first year it's even more difficult. I have learned sooo much this year, and have put in so much with these kids, it's hard to know I won't see them everyday. Oh goodness I am now crying. Anyway, it's been a spectacular year, and I love them so much!

We had a talent show, and the third grade teachers decided that we should show our talent. We did a synchronized swimming act. We had some people hold up our "water" in front of us on stage. We wore our swim suits over our clothes, it was great. The kids loved it.

Onto another topic... I ran a half marathon! It was really fun. It was in Midway, Utah. It is absolutely beautiful up there. I knew that it was in the mountains and I knew it said it wasn't a course to get personal records, but I didn't know it was going to be up a mountain!!! The first few miles were good, and then I saw this mountain and a path going up it, and then I saw cones going towards it, and I couldn't believe it. It was at least 4-5 miles straight up the mountain. BUT it was along a river/lake. Somehow it didn't bother me that much, I felt good and I just focused on each mile. I had Drew and my two friends, Emily and Kevin there cheering me on. Emily and Kevin flew out from Colorado to spend the weekend with us. It was fabulous. I had been missing my girl time. Anyway, They met me at the bottom of the hill, right before I had my last three miles on uphill pavement. They would drive and then stop and cheer me on to the next mile. I wasn't exactly a happy camper by that time. When I finished I was so happy. I kept imagining stopping and what that would feel like. And let me tell you it felt great! There is just something about accomplishing something that's hard that feels really good. I love making goals, and then actually completing them.

This is right before!

Our wonderful friends!! They look a little chilly.
I look a little creepy here, but don't worry I am very happy.

Friday, May 02, 2008

The New Place

Well folks here is the new house pics. We are absolutely loving it. I think I will be sad to leave now. It has all the things that make a woman happy.
Here she is! We have parking!

This is looking throught the front door. You can kind of get an idea of how it's laid out.

Drew has his own workspace now. By work I mean homework:)

This is the cozy front room

A real bathroom. If any of you saw our old shower, you would know it was more like a dungeon.

This is our room. It is still pretty spacious.
This is my little workspace.

This is the extra bedroom/computer room

This is the cute kitchen. I now have counter space, dishwasher, and cupboard space!

And check it out! A special home for the spices.
This is the family room. Drew's dream came true; we got a very large tv.

This is wonderful! Having a washer and dryer is a huge plus. This is the laundry room/storage room attached to the house.