Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Summer Summer Time

Summer has been great. Being a teacher has it's benefits. Everyone asks if I am getting bored yet. But no way, I have been too busy enjoying. I have been able to get together with lots of friends. I have had lots of lunch dates, dinner dates, nap whenever I want, work out with Kelsey every day, work on my gardens/yard, and organize my life. I love it. I realize these days will end. So why not take advantage of it?
I went out to Provo last week to hang out with some girlfriends. I stayed with Marcy. She is getting married in August, so I got to tag along and help with some wedding stuff which was fun. We were able to shop, eat, relax, visit people, and chat. Unfortunately I wasn't the best company the first few days. NEVER again will I eat Chipoltle and then fly. Bad combo. I am past the sick stage but that brought it all back. Literally. I think they were a little freaked out the rest of the week, wondering when I was going to throw up again. So I was lame with pictures, but I managed to get a few.

These are some highschool friends. I could talk with them forever. So fun.

This is a reinactment of Monday night after the plane.

We went to Park City and did some shopping.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Oh Baby!

Alright people... the time has come to share the news. I am pregnant! I am now officially in my second trimester. I am due December 12th.
It seems like for a long time the word "pregnant" has been a bad word to me. I really didn't enjoy hearing it, and it almost made me cringe each time. We had been trying to get pregnant and stay pregnant for a long time. I don't know why we couldn't or why we are now, but obviously Heavenly Father has a plan for us.
I don't feel like I have had that many really hard trials in my life, but this has been on the top of the list. It's one thing when you have a trial and it's hard but you know you will get through it, but it's another when you don't know if it will ever end. Several times I wanted to write a blog about how hard the trial was but how much I have learned from it or that I still had faith and hope that Heavenly Father was doing what was best for me, but I didn't want the added pressure or sympathy. I would like to think that even if I never got pregnant that I would still be faithful and happy just the same.
Faith is an amazing thing. I have a friend who is just beginning the process of trying to become pregnant and she asked me how I dealt with it. I said, "Well... I'm Mormon." She was slightly confused I think. I told her that I honestly don't know how people get through trials without some sort of faith to hold on to. Some reassurance that it's happening for a reason, and the knowledge that Heavenly Father loves them, and understands how they feel. I told her to try not to just suffer through it but learn from the experience. NOT to say that it isn't HARD, because it is.
I know that in the whole grand scheme of things we didn't have to wait that long, but it feels like forever while you are going through it. This experience has brought me to the depths of humility and gratitude. I still can't really believe that we have been blessed to be pregnant. I don't know if I would have felt as grateful or as close to Heavenly Father if I didn't have this trial. Another thing I learned was patience. Patience when you have absolutely no control over the situation. And to be happy for others. I know it sounds selfish, and it made me feel extremely selfish when I wasn't genuinely happy for others. It's funny because when I finally felt like I REALLY could be happy for others and not just fake it or go to baby showers and have fun is when it happened for us. I know it sounds weird to say that I am grateful for the trial, and it seems easier once it is done, but I really am grateful, and that I was able to see that throughout the trial.
Anyway, we find out the gender in July, so stay posted.