Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Latest

The biggest thing lately is Drew getting Lasik surgery. He had terrible vision, and with studying late into the night it was taking a toll on his eyes. We were very excited about this. I was a little worried that maybe I would look different to him, but I guess not. I had to watch the movie, "At First Sight" afterwards. Anyway, he is loving his new eyes.
Also we decorated for Christmas. I started about a week ago, maybe a little too early. I love Christmas and all the decorations. I come home with something new like everyday. I can not resist. We also put up lights on the house. Check it out

Drew right before. Don't ask about the face. No one knows.

This is Drew all jacked right before surgery. He was very relaxed.

These are his hip new sunglasses for the next week. It's been pretty funny going out in public with these bad boys.
The new eyes.
Megan helping decorate the tree.

Megan, Mickey and Margaret came over to help. Thanks again!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


So I have had a rough month. First I got strep throat and I thought maybe I was going to die, but then I went to the doctor and they gave me some penicilon. I am allergic to Bactrim so I made sure they weren't related at all. But apparently I am allergic to penicilon as well. I broke out in a nice rash (only on my face). So in the midst of this rash I started getting a bad cold. Now I am home and not at work AGAIN. I am so congested it is driving me crazy. I just had chicken noodle soup for breakfast. If anyone knows any home remedies that I don't know about please share. Sorry, next post will be more uplifting. Just had to complain a bit.