Sunday, August 17, 2008

My New Stompin Grounds

Well if you didn't know I switched grades and classrooms this year. Last year I taught third and this year I will teach second. I was pretty bummed for a while but now I think it will be okay. A few good things come along with switiching to second grade. I have less students, last year I had 28, and this year I am down to 18. I am sure it will change, but I don't think it will go up to 28. Another plus is that I have a bigger classroom, and smaller desks! I went down to the first floor, which is closer to the better copy room, faculty room, and bathroom! (yes, those things become very important to a teacher)
I had back-to-school night on Thursday and it was fun. They are so little. I don't know if they will understand my sarcasm, I got a few blank looks the other night. I will probably have to use more of my cute voice now:) Here are some pics.
They have their own carpet square. Now I can move them around as I please!
This side is a little bare at the beginning of the year.
The reading and listening center

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Topping on the Cake

Well it is now officially the end of summer (for me at least). I have to start work tomorrow, and it is bitter sweet to say goodbye to this fun summer vacation. We were able to top it off with some really fun things this past week. The first two pictures are of us right before we pickled our banana peps and made zucchini bread. We have SO much zucchini that we don't know what to do with. Luckily we love it and hopefully we won't get sick of it.

Anyway, last week our friend Brandon got married in the Bountiful temple. It was a lot of fun. They had a dinner at Tucanos, which was awesome! Before the wedding we went up to Salt Lake early to go see "This is the Place." It was really neat to be there. I have so much appreciation for the early Saints, and for Brigham Young especially.

From the wedding we drove up to Jackson, Wyoming. We stayed at a really cool house, courtesy of Mike Morgan. He was my old Bishop in Colorado, and he has a house in Jackson. He offered Drew and I to stay there whenever we were able. We decided to top off the summer right. It was so great, and I was sad to leave.

All in all I would say we had a spectacular summer. We have had many wonderful trips, and I have read a total of 8 books, and I am sad that I won't have as much time to read. I am in the Work and the Glory series now, and it is awesome. I have learned so much church history already. I am excited to start a new year, but I haven't planned very much yet, and back to school night is on Thursday. But at least it's my second year of teaching, so when the parents ask how long I've taught, now I can proudly say 1:)

He's so proud of his banana peps

Ok seriously, this one went unnoticed for a while. Our plant can PRODUCE Baby!

I don't know who chose this pose, but it was pretty funny. The three boys are our friends from highschool (Drew's best friends his whole life), and the other two are getting married in the next two weeks.

This is the famous place to take a picture in Jackson.

Here are some pics of the house. This is one of many bedrooms.

Check out the bear, pretty sweet.

We watched a movie, and the Olympics here.

The Kitchen.

The living room

The backyard is so big. We played a lot of games out here. Yes it was just the two of us, and yes it was pretty competitive.

They had these really cool bikes. They looked like Harley's. We rode these everywhere.

It's not a good picture of my bike. Because it has flames on the side! And take a look at the leather straps off the handle bars. Oh and yes it had a bell.

I also enjoyed this bike.

We went to the Grand Teton National Park. They were really incredible. I don't know how people climb them. Drew's brother Mark climbed them last week. Impressive Mark!

Drew took a picture of me pondering by the lake.

Yes, a gigantic stuffed big foot ladies and gentlemen. We went downtown and there are so many cool shops. This was one of many. Don't they look like good buds?

Guess where we ate? Pizza Hut of course. We wanted to spend one night out at a restaraunt, but they were so expensive. We decided we love Pizza Hut, so why not?

On Sunday we made up a tournament in the backyard. The first event was bowling. Sadly I lost.

That night we made a fire outside. The weather was perfect, and the stars where lookin good.