Monday, December 01, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Well everyone we are headed back to Colorful Colorado. Drew got accepted to all the dental schools he interviewed at (which is amazing by the way), and one of them happened to be Colorado. We have been praying very hard that we would get in to CU. Drew is an amazing man, dental school is really hard to get into and he did very well. I kind of feel like we won the lottery. Although I am starting to think about leaving and it makes me really sad. I have really grown to love this place and all of the people around me. But I still have a few months left to enjoy it.
Anyway, besides that we went back to Colorado for Thanksgiving and it was a blast. We were able to do so many things. Just being with the whole family is so fun. I must say I am very glad we won't have to make the drive home so many times a year. The roads were AWEFUL on the drive home. At least through the mountains. All day today I was in such a good mood just because we made it home safely yesterday. I love snow... don't love to drive in it.

Also, we decorated the house tonight, which is always fun. Afterwards we relaxed by the tree with a little hot chocolate (courtesy of Mark and Liz).

I didn't get a chance to take many pictures, or let's be honest I was too lazy. But I did get a few, so enjoy.

This is my niece Kyla.

Do they come any cuter than this?

She loved walking in my shoes.

Drew loves this picture. It looks like it is on fire.

This is in our family room. Check out those blocks. I was pretty proud of myself for making them.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Well everyone I have my new favorite item. It is called a slanket! It stands for a sleeved blanket. It just wraps around the back. I had never heard of it before until about a week ago when I saw it in a magazine and pointed it out to Drew, and said how cool it was. As it turns out Drew and already ordered me one a few days earlier as an early Christmas gift. He had seen a picture of it in an airplane magazine a month ago. I always complain how blankets don't keep my arms warm if I need to type or work on something. He knows me so well!
Oh and if you didn't know, we keep our house pretty cold so that's why having a slanket will be so great!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween Festivities

Halloween was really fun this year. First of all we went to the trunk or treat at our ward and dressed up as a fairy and an Oger (sp?). I entered my chili into the chili cook off, but sadly there was much better chili there so the prize was a no-go for us. It was a lot of fun. (captions are on the top of each picture)

We carved pumpkins. This picture is blurry I am sorry, but check out that alien

Here is my witch. It was pretty intense.
Ofcourse we cooked the seeds. SOOOO good.

At school I dressed up as a smarty pants. The kids loved it. They wanted me to raise my hand and have everyone else giving me dirty looks. Although it looks like most of them are just looking at the camera:) They are so funny.

Here's my crew, minus a few.

We had a rockin party. Our craft was making a skeleton. Very cute.
Last night we gave out a lot of candy, which is always fun, and then had some friends over and played Scattegories (which Drew and I rocked) and then watched the Skeleton Key. I thought it was a good movie. I also made some graveyard dessert. Overall Halloween was a success.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The End

Well it was a bitter sweet day today in the Foster home. If you have been following our garden from the beginning you got to see the progression of our gardening experience. It was very cold here about a week ago and it totally froze our plants, and now they are dead:( But the good news is I won't have to figure out what to do with the squash anymore. It was out of hand. Actually we still have a TON. We dug up the garden and found one last surprise as well. You can now come over and not have to leave with a zucchini every time.

Here is a normal sized zucchini next to the big mama.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Man

Drew and I sometimes have "build up sessions," where we just compliment one another for a certain amount of time. I was thinking that Drew was due for one, and I wanted everyone else to hear it. I love the picture, it's right after he rocked his 800.

So here is the list:
· SOOO good looking
· Athletic
· Smart
· Doesn’t stress.. EVER
· Helps me to not stress
. Always wants to have a spiritual conversation
· Never in a bad mood
· Takes care of all the “man” jobs around the house
· Gets along with everyone
· Loves people for who they are
· Gives people the benefit of the doubt
· Optimistic
· Active
· Competitive (which I like)
. Can figure anything out... it doesn't matter what it is
· Never spends money, but let’s me
· Kills spiders for me
· Determined
. Funny
· Makes me laugh
. Confident
· Loves me inspite of my flaws
· Understands that I am a girl
. Knows me better than I know myself
· Rational
. Awesome track runner (I don't know how it's physically possible to be that fast)
· Not critical
. Loves kids
. Truly loves to serve
. The most unselfish person ever
· Never gets mad (I seriously have only seen him upset like twice… in 7 years)
· Loves to dance
· Loves his family
· Well rounded in every aspect
· The best person I know

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


I thought I would update everyone on the past few weeks. Because I know you have been dying to know.

Well, my parents came out last weekend and we had a blast. The boys played golf I got to go to breakfast and shop with my mom, and then we all went to the BYU football game (and did some other fun stuff too). I am pretty sure my parents learned the fight song, and got a taste of BYU. It was just so nice for them to come out. It was a short weekend, but so fun.
I love BYU football. I am really not a big football person, but the games are such a blast. That's a picture of the dance they do before games start.

On another note, school is going well. I think that the beginning of the year is harder than any other time. It's been pretty crazy. Last week Drew was at cross country camp, and it actually worked out. I was at the school most days from 7:15 a.m. until 8:15 p.m. It's calmed down a little bit this week.

My kids are pretty darn cute. The first few days I was thinking oh geez these kids are a lot different third graders (which is true) but I have already grown to love them so much. The thing about teaching is you never know what a day will hold. The things that happen are so unexpected. I have already had so many stories that I've shared with Drew each night. Sometimes I just find my self laughing at night thinking about the things they say or do.

I think it's going to be a good year.

Lastly, I just had to share that I joined a work out class at BYU. It's not an aerobics class exactly. It's like this abs, cardio, free weights class. I think it will be really fun. The girls in the class are really nice. I have always joked around about classes, when I hear the music going and see all these women jumping around.
But, I decided that it was a good choice for me because once the after school program starts and winter comes my motivation to work out is going to drop. I am also glad that it forces me to leave the school. Otherwise it's hard to leave work undone. So just picture me in my cool work out outfit doing some high leg kicks and dancin to the music baby!
P.S. Don't you love this picture... classic

Sunday, August 17, 2008

My New Stompin Grounds

Well if you didn't know I switched grades and classrooms this year. Last year I taught third and this year I will teach second. I was pretty bummed for a while but now I think it will be okay. A few good things come along with switiching to second grade. I have less students, last year I had 28, and this year I am down to 18. I am sure it will change, but I don't think it will go up to 28. Another plus is that I have a bigger classroom, and smaller desks! I went down to the first floor, which is closer to the better copy room, faculty room, and bathroom! (yes, those things become very important to a teacher)
I had back-to-school night on Thursday and it was fun. They are so little. I don't know if they will understand my sarcasm, I got a few blank looks the other night. I will probably have to use more of my cute voice now:) Here are some pics.
They have their own carpet square. Now I can move them around as I please!
This side is a little bare at the beginning of the year.
The reading and listening center

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Topping on the Cake

Well it is now officially the end of summer (for me at least). I have to start work tomorrow, and it is bitter sweet to say goodbye to this fun summer vacation. We were able to top it off with some really fun things this past week. The first two pictures are of us right before we pickled our banana peps and made zucchini bread. We have SO much zucchini that we don't know what to do with. Luckily we love it and hopefully we won't get sick of it.

Anyway, last week our friend Brandon got married in the Bountiful temple. It was a lot of fun. They had a dinner at Tucanos, which was awesome! Before the wedding we went up to Salt Lake early to go see "This is the Place." It was really neat to be there. I have so much appreciation for the early Saints, and for Brigham Young especially.

From the wedding we drove up to Jackson, Wyoming. We stayed at a really cool house, courtesy of Mike Morgan. He was my old Bishop in Colorado, and he has a house in Jackson. He offered Drew and I to stay there whenever we were able. We decided to top off the summer right. It was so great, and I was sad to leave.

All in all I would say we had a spectacular summer. We have had many wonderful trips, and I have read a total of 8 books, and I am sad that I won't have as much time to read. I am in the Work and the Glory series now, and it is awesome. I have learned so much church history already. I am excited to start a new year, but I haven't planned very much yet, and back to school night is on Thursday. But at least it's my second year of teaching, so when the parents ask how long I've taught, now I can proudly say 1:)

He's so proud of his banana peps

Ok seriously, this one went unnoticed for a while. Our plant can PRODUCE Baby!

I don't know who chose this pose, but it was pretty funny. The three boys are our friends from highschool (Drew's best friends his whole life), and the other two are getting married in the next two weeks.

This is the famous place to take a picture in Jackson.

Here are some pics of the house. This is one of many bedrooms.

Check out the bear, pretty sweet.

We watched a movie, and the Olympics here.

The Kitchen.

The living room

The backyard is so big. We played a lot of games out here. Yes it was just the two of us, and yes it was pretty competitive.

They had these really cool bikes. They looked like Harley's. We rode these everywhere.

It's not a good picture of my bike. Because it has flames on the side! And take a look at the leather straps off the handle bars. Oh and yes it had a bell.

I also enjoyed this bike.

We went to the Grand Teton National Park. They were really incredible. I don't know how people climb them. Drew's brother Mark climbed them last week. Impressive Mark!

Drew took a picture of me pondering by the lake.

Yes, a gigantic stuffed big foot ladies and gentlemen. We went downtown and there are so many cool shops. This was one of many. Don't they look like good buds?

Guess where we ate? Pizza Hut of course. We wanted to spend one night out at a restaraunt, but they were so expensive. We decided we love Pizza Hut, so why not?

On Sunday we made up a tournament in the backyard. The first event was bowling. Sadly I lost.

That night we made a fire outside. The weather was perfect, and the stars where lookin good.

Thursday, July 31, 2008


Ok we are back! We just spent the last 2 weeks in Colorado, and guess how many pictures I took? ZERO. So, I am sorry because pictures are more fun to look at. BUT.. we had a great time. We spent time with both families, checked out the dental school, played a lot of the game "Settlers," saw many of our wonderful friends (tried to get them to start their own blogs!! You know who you are), had a 90th surprise birthday party for Drew's grandma,  saw the Dark Knight, ate very well, missed out on our backpacking trip due to my ridiculous cough (but I am better now), Drew played a lot of golf, I finished the third book for the Twilight series, we went to the Reinassance Festival (sp?), on the way back to Provo we stayed at the bed and breakfast in Grand Junction that we stayed at one night on our honeymoon.
The whole trip was so fun, because there were so many family members that were around that there was always something going on. Anyway, I suppose our summer is almost up:( It has been sooo fun, and I am sad for it to end, but I get excited about teaching again this year. We might try and go to Jackson for a few days next week but if not we'll save it for the fall. Now we have three of our friends getting married in the next three weekends, it should be fun! 

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Back From The South

We can now feel good about leaving Utah. We have gone to all the major sites. Our friends Adam and Susan drove from Laramie on Sunday night, they stayed at our lovely bed and breakfast and then we drove down to St. George on Monday. We spent the evening hanging out, swimming, and just relaxing. Tuesday we got up and drove to the Grand Canyon. There are no words to describe it. It's too hard to capture on camera as well. We camped out that night, which was really nice, the weather was perfect. We got up the next morning and headed to Zion's. That too was unbelievable. It is just so gorgeous. We hiked up the Narrows, which was really neat. You had to hike up a river most of the way. And the mountain walls keep getting closer, or more narrow. Hence the Narrows. Then that night we stayed with some of Adam's family in St. George. Adam and Drew got up the next morning and went back to Zion's to do Angel's Landing. Which I really wanted to do, but was not in the right condition. I had serious blisters still from Mt. Timp, as well as a cold. Anyway, they loved it, and the pictures looked awesome.
That day we drove back to Provo, and Susan and Adam stayed with us until Saturday. It was fun to just hang out in P-town with them. Overall, it was an awesome trip. We planned on going to Hawaii with them, and that didn't work out, so this was the next best thing. Also, Susan is 4 months pregnant and did great!

St. George Temple
At the Grand Canyon

This is part of the Narrows.

There are places that are super deep, and places that are really shallow. Drew can't touch the ground in this picture.

In 106 degree weather this felt great!

This is the path going up to Angel's landing. A bit scary

At the top

Just hangin around the top of about 1,000 foot cliff. No big deal.