Saturday, May 28, 2011

This and That

We have been staying busy this month. So I thought I would just put whatever pictures I had.

Here are some of my good friends from high school. My friend Jessie is getting married. Her bridal shower was a tea party. It was so fun. Such a good idea. Lacey and I did wear hats, but don't have them on in this picture.
My manly man built this fence for Sawyer. Now he is forced to go to the bathroom in this corner of the yard in the wood chips. His urine is apparently toxic, because it discolors and kills the yard. It will be so nice to not have him poop in the yard, or dig holes, or kill the grass. We will still let him play in the yard when we are out there.
Here it is from another view.

We put up a baby gate that the previous owners had. Luckily Sawyer has no idea of his ability to jump, and has no desire to try.

These are a few of the bags I have been making for the young women (teenage girls) at church. They are in love with them, so I have been doing a lot of sewing.

Here are a few of the pictures my neighbor took of Mel outside.

I love her blue eyes. I hope they stay this blue forever.

Here is Drew giving the jogging stroller a try outside our house. It's been so nice to have if I need it. Although it does make the run a bit more difficult.