Monday, August 06, 2007

Summer Adventures

Well this summer has been a blast, we got back yesterday and I began all my meetings today. This is a picture collection of our 3 1/2 week vacation. We had so much fun, and ninja (the civic) did very well. It was fun spending time with friends and family, and being very adventurous as well. My favorite part was probably back-packing. It was tough but very rewarding. Let me just say that there were a few dark hours. The second day was by far the most difficult, we weren't exactly sure we were on the right path and we climbed some serious mountains with a lot of weight on our backs! It's not a good feeling doing switchbacks for three hours and thinking the mountain goes on for eternity. BUT.. we made and it felt good to reach the top. There wasn't a whole lot of talking for those hours, to me it's just best to not say anything at all. We went about 24 miles in three days. It feels so good to accomplish something like that. Anyway, we had a great time! Enjoy all the pics!

Here is Drew after we climbed some sand dunes
Here we are looking at the dunes from afar

We found a waterfall nearby but we had to walk through the river to get to it. It was freezing.

A nice sunset

The waterfall was in a cave

The beginning of our backpacking trip, I didn't even know what was ahead of me.

This is our first night, and a lovely dish that we cooked up. It's funny how anything tastes great!

A little lunch break

This was how we got water, it was very slow and there were lots of bugs, notice that Drew is doing it, that happened a lot:)

Drew was real excited about this one, yes... it's very scary.

We crossed a lot of rivers

This is where our campsite was the second night. It was awesome.

Ok, it's a little out of order, but this is where we went when we got back. A few hours after we started we discussed where we would go right when we got back. We agreed on Pizza Hut. We were happy campers:)

The first day we saw a ghost town a little ways off the trail.

Inside the house.

Look at how good I am at making a fire!

What a man!

This is the second day after the long hike up, look how happy I am going down hill.

Very nice

Goose Creek!

Best friend Emily gets engaged!

We stayed at a nice bed and breakfast in Cody, and had fruit for dinner.

We had such a great time with the Worland Foster's. Joy is so good at styling hair.

This is Yellowstone. It smelled a little.

This is the Grand Canyon (in Yellowstone). This is the lower falls.

She's gonna blow! (Not me, the geyser)

These Buffalo where everywhere, they just walk across the street. We also saw a mule deer, with some sweet antlers.

This is at Jena's wedding. It was so fun to see some of the my girls. They are awesome people.

It was a country wedding in Montana. The car was a nice touch.