Thursday, February 14, 2008

Ahhh.. The Good Old Days

Today is Valentine's Day. This year was a little different than the past few years. I got to relive my elementary days. It was so fun to watch their excitement and to remember how I used to feel back then. They all made their own bags and taped them on their desks for people to drop treats in. 
I remember getting the cards, and loving them so much. Luckily, in third grade there isn't too many crushes going on. But that didn't stop some people. Drama, drama, drama. 
We did all crafts for our party. I think that they had fun, even though I heard complaints about not having a movie on like the Christmas party (of course coming from a boy). Boys just don't get into hearts and pink and all that good stuff like girls. I can't believe it!!

This is after they exchanged all their treats. They were sooo excited.

There was some blushing going on:)

This is our tissue heart, if you can tell.

This is our little mice we made out of hershey kisses.

Showing off their mice.

We made hands with hearts for their moms. 

So many bears, and so much candy! It was very nice.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

President Hinckley

When I heard that President Hinckley had passed away, I felt happy for him and I felt very calm. You could just tell he was ready to see his wife and his maker. Since then I don't feel like I've taken the time to really remember him and what he's done for us.
I ran across this article, (on someone else's blog) and I wanted to share it as well. It really put in perspective the man he was and how he truly has changed the world. He is a man who is respected by many who are not of his faith. President Hinckley was definitly a prophet for our time. He is an amazing example to anyone. I feel so close to him and I have never met him. I remember when I was deciding whether to be baptized or not I saw President Hinckley speak and I just felt like he was an honest man, and that he wouldn't lead me astray. I love him and am grateful for what he has given me.

Here is the website. There are some really awesome comments from people you may of never thought knew him as well as they did.