Sunday, March 22, 2009

This Week

So... I know I know I have been bad about blogging, and I am sorry. The past few weeks have been pretty busy. Last week was St. Patrick's Day, which is always a good time. I had the kids make leprechaun traps again this year, and they were hilarious of course. They all had these crazy ways of trapping the leprechaun. We also made the Blarney Stones again but I forgot to take pictures. Anyway, after they went to lunch I had some kids from last year come down and mess up the room so it looked like the leprechauns had been there. They freaked out when they came back. Yeah then try teaching math after that!
Also I had parent teacher conferences which was tiring, but good. I feel like I need a week just to recover. But that is the last one of the year!
Other than that we have totally been taken over by LOST! I didn't really think that I would like it, and didn't really want to start, but everyone watches it and Drew has been wanting to start for a long time. I finally agreed that we would watch one a week. HA!! Yeah right, holy cow we have watched it nonstop. It has taken over. That's all we think about and talk about. Drew sends emails of what he thinks is going to happen and I am dreaming that I am in the show, let's just say it's gotten bad.

This is a movie theater, with glue on the seats just to make sure they will be caught.

This one is tied to a chair, which I guess was supposed to fall over when they went inside.

The leprechauns left candy and a trail of gold.

This is after the destruction.