Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Valentines Day!

Valentine's Day was full of love and a lot of candy! Drew had the day off, so we were able to relax, make a nice unhealthy breakfast, make cookies, and basically eat junk ALL.DAY.LONG.
(Don't mind our messy deck, we are in the middle of painting the outside of our house...ugh)
Sorry it's so blurry. We got some frozen yogurt (my new favorite thing) after the kids were asleep. It was delicious.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Kid Happenings

The babies are now 6 months! It is crazy that they are a half a year. Six months is really where (for me) things start to get a lot easier and a lot more fun. They are on a great schedule. They are super star sleepers and eaters. They started eating solids, which for some reason I love. I like everyone having meals together. And they LOVE it! I mean going from just breast milk or formula to actual food has got to be mind blowing to them, or at least that's what I imagine.

Here are their 6 month stats:
Abigail: height- 24.0 in (5%) she's a shorty
              weight- 15.0 lbs (25%)
               head- 42.0 (30%)

Lacey: height- 24.5 in (25%)
           weight- 17.13  lbs (80%) YES 80th!! CHUNKER
           head- 42.0 (30%)

It's interesting to see how similar and how very different Abby and Lacey are. Abigail is a lot like Melanie as far as being independent. She is not a snuggler at all. She rolls like CRAZY and is trying to crawl. She has to be looking around ALL the time. You can make her smile very easily. She just seems happy every second of the day. She rarely ever cries.

Lacey is a HUGE snuggler. I love that I at least have one child that wants to cuddle at any time. She is our sensitive one. She has the cutest sad lip when she is upset. She is a little more cautious around strangers, but you can still get her to smile very easily. Like I said before she is a big girl. I love the chunk she has, it kills me. She rolls, but not nearly as much as Abby, but she is starting to sit up. She is pretty content just laying in one spot. Maybe that's why she's so chunky:)

They both drool like mad, they love to play with their feet, and every time I look over it seems like they are both staring at me. They absolutely love Melanie. She can get them to laugh and smile the easiest of any of us. It's like Mel is the popular girl and they so desperately want any attention from her. And she acts like the popular girl, she will decide if you deserve her attention.

These cheeks are out of control!

If you thought getting shots was bad for one baby, try two! So sad. This is obviously right before. They had no idea what was coming.

Abby takes a pacifier, and I think it's the cutest thing ever.

Melanie is doing well, she talks so much. Sometimes I just stop and think, where did my little baby go? I talk to her like I would anyone. I absolutely love the way she talks. Her voice is so cute. Her mind is going a million miles a minute, sometimes I am just trying to keep up with her thoughts. She is a pretty easy kid, but she has her stubborn moments. She got over her tantrums for the most part, but now it's more of a silent stubborness. Sometimes we ask her to do something and she just says "no." It takes me by surprise sometimes, because then I am not sure what to do next. Especially when she doesn't care to be bribed. Basically if she doesn't want to do something she will not do it! I can't force her to do some things. So.... needless to say I am a little worried about her teenage years.

We started potty training, but I just got too lazy I guess. She has a lot of interest, but I am just so bad about getting her to the potty every 20 minutes. We had a very fun potty party to start it off with dancing, choosing some panties off the wall, doughnuts, and candy. She did pretty well the first day, but then she started having SO many accidents, I finally just put her in pull ups instead of panties. I will give it a solid try after we move I think. I actually really don't care if she's potty trained, but I feel this pressure that she is supposed to be. I remind myself she's only 2, and she will be ready when she's ready.

My friend Emily had an awesome firetruck birthday party. I love this pic of Mel. She was SO excited!
Melanie can never just let me stretch or do abs alone. She MUST do them too.
My girls...

Saturday, February 02, 2013


We are officially 28! If you didn't know Drew married an older woman. I am three weeks older than him. I always enjoy giving him all my life lessons that I have learned in those three weeks. And he likes to tease me about being old. Classic.

We had some fun birthday celebrations this year. I was able to celebrate with some different groups of friends at PF Changs and at Cafe Rio, and my friend Emily made a delicious birthday dinner at her house. And of course a funfetti birthday cake on the big day. Melanie said her present was a good snuggle with me. Best present ever. Oh and can't forget my parents came and brought me lunch:)

For Drew's birthday we went to the Cheesecake Factory with his parents, and we also had a dinner at our house to celebrate Drew's, my dad's, and my brother in law Scott's birthday, but I forgot to get a picture. Oops. Melanie has loved all this cake!