Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Catch Up!

I have been informed lately that it's time to update the old blog. It's a hodge podge of pics sorry. Life is good here in Saint Louis. Fall is pretty nice here, and there is always something to do. 

We ran a race as a family last weekend. It was at Mel's best pal Carson's pre-school. They had a little race for kids to start it off. They were so cute. Melanie and Carson were the only two who false started. They were pretty excited!

Stretch it out!

Carson eventually left her in the dust:)

Of course the Jones ran with us.

Here I am accepting a trophy for the first stroller finisher. We thought it was so funny they gave trophies.

We went to Claire's birthday party at the park. Saint Louis has food trucks that rotate parks, so we enjoyed some good food, music, and hangin with friends. I love this picture by the way:)

Drew flew home to Colorado for a brothers weekend. They planned a back packing trip, but with the flooding that was happening they opted for a few day hikes instead.

We like to meet Drew for lunch near the school, and hang out around campus.

This is what Drew sees when he leaves. And when he comes home.
Check out our new stroller. It's a sit and stand. It really is perfect, except for the fact that it is a beast to turn. But it has been awesome for walks, parks, the zoo, etc.. There are trays that hook on so they just eat in there when we are out.

I made the girls a little reading nook.

We went apple picking at Eckert's Farm. It is such a cool place. They have this super cute store that smells amazing and gets me in to trouble buying baked goods!

Just sharing an icecream cone!

They are constantly pulling each other around in a basket, on a blanket, in a box, really anything they can find.

We got some great pics at the zoo. The weather was so nice and the animals were so happy!

I love when they just sit at this little table. They are so cute.

We went to Grant's Farm a couple weekends ago. It is such a fun place. We fed some aggressive goats, rode a camel, and enjoyed some wonderful fall weather.

We rode this bad boy around the lake, and it was so fun. The girls loved it.

I just love my time with Melanie. While the girls nap in the morning Melanie and I have a little lesson and share a snack. She usually insists on sharing an apple. She loves having mom all to her self. She is going to LOVE school.

Another food truck night! Can you tell which truck is my fav?

This happens daily!

Botanical Gardens. This is Melanie's friend Oliver. Yes, she pretty much plays with boys.

I see Jena almost everyday. Here we are enjoying some Froyo. We feel like because we go after kick boxing that it doesn't really count;)

Too cute!

They send me pics on their daddy daughter dates. I love it!