Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Sunday, November 12, 2006

The beginning of a wonderful journey

I usually think Drew and I have had a long road together, but the truth is it is only just beginning. I rarely take time to just sit and think about all that has happened. In highschool I knew that he was different (and no, not weird), but he stood out from everyone else. It didn't take me long to realize that he had the Spirit and was very religious. I didn't know much about mormons, but boy did I learn. It didn't take too long before he had peaked my interest, and I had to know more. I began investigating for a long.. long time, and learned soo much. Drew and I became best friends and really built a wonderful relationship.

When we went off to college I was able to be on my own and really figure out what I wanted to do, and follow what I knew was true. I began to have a testimony of my own and find great joy in truth. I remember telling Liz one time that Drew gave me wings to fly on my own. (That might sound cheesy but it's the best analogy that I have) It is so hard for me to think of my life with out the Gospel. Drew had the courage to open his mouth and share the most important thing in his life. I am forever grateful for him and all he has given me. I didn't know what would happen between us, but I knew that he would always be an important person in my life. And it turns out he will play an even bigger part in my life than I knew.

During his mission we were able to write to one another and share each others testimonies. It was such a wonderful thing to share part of his mission, he was such an amazing missionary who gave me a second wind many times to push harder and serve the best I knew how. I was looking at my journal recently and discovered that Drew is mentioned several times, and I am always talking about what a great servant of the Lord he is, and it is such an important thing for me to know that he puts the Lord first in his life. That is very attractive to me.

I was very nervous for him to come home from his mission, and I had no idea what the future would hold. The first week was very awkward to say the least. I was thinking "Oh man this is gonna take some time." Then we went on a few vacations, had a few conversations, and things were moving along quite nicely. I saw a new and improved Drew. He was wonderful before, but he was amazing now. I thought, oh boy I'm falling for him once again, but this time was much different. It's like the relationship could be whole, nothing was missing anymore. We were both on the same page, we were striving for the same things, we grew up a bit (although I have always been really mature, just jokin) and I looked at him in a whole new light. I couldn't get over the fact that we could be "together," that he wasn't going to leave on a mission, that I could hold his hand, and yes kiss him:) It was such a fun and exciting time.

He left for school and I realized how sad I was, I thought I would be fine I had done it plenty of times, but once again it was different. I knew that I wanted to be with this guy forever! I fell in love with him more every day. I love everything about him, even his annoyingness. I honestly can't think of a better person, and a better match for me. I know that he will be an amazing husband, because he is so willing to serve me and he posseses many qualities such as, patience, love, hope, humility, etc.. I hope that I can be half the spouse that he will be to me.