Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Family Reunion

This year for our family reunion we went to the same place as last year in Breckenridge. It is an amazing house that fits all of us perfect. Which is about 28 people. Each family has their own super nice room with their own bathroom and lofts where a lot of the kids slept. We had a great time. It was fun to relax, chat, play games, eat, go hot tubbin and do our traditional activities. Here are some pics I took.
Dance Party!
Drew and Adam throwing the girls around.
Hot tubbin.... kids time. Adults went later.
All the grandkids on hike. So far there are 14 grandchildren, but we will soon have 18!
Manliest Man competition. This is the heavy rock throw. Drew decided to throw it backwards.
The small rock throw. You got points for hitting certain trees.
This part of the competition was testing your wits.
This is called the "Primal Scream." There is an app that can measure the decibels. Oh man it was hilarious.
Here are some fans during the talent show.
Grant playing piano
ninja moves by Cal, Max, and Monica.
Monica playing piano.
Dance moves by Mel, Audrey, and Natalie.
Natalie singing.
Jeff and Angie singing. They are SOOO good.
Joy's karate skills
Liz playing piano
Matt rockin out
Ladies lunch downtown. So fun.