Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Woolf's Come to Visit!

We had so much fun while the Woolf family came to visit. Emily and her kids were here a couple days before Kevin flew in. It was fun being able to hang out with Emily, and it was fun when the four of us adults got to hang out too!

On Monday we just hung out. Luckily we share a love for The Bachelorette! So we had to schedule things around that:)

On Tuesday we went to Creve Couer Splash pad and park. The weather was awesome.

We then headed over to get some Jilly's cupcakes. They are huge and delicious! The kids were all cheering when we bought them.

Bronsen is the sweetest boy. There were lots of hugs.

I walked in the room and heard Bronsen telling the girls that you need a prince and princess to dance. He showed them where to put their arms and everything. SOOO cute!

Our belly shot. I don't usually think mine is so pointy!

Because we are pregnant we deserve some custard! We had a little ladies night:)

On Wednesday we went to the arch. We picked up some Pappy's (a famous Saint Louis bbq place) and had a picnic under the arch. It was a lot of fun despite the fact that Emily had to witness two of the worst tantrums I think my girls have ever thrown!

Wednesday night we got dinner and ate at a picnic table by Creve Couer Lake. It was such a nice night. Kevin was very helpful washing off sandy hands!

We also had fun staying up late, chatting and laughing. We miss you guys! Thanks again for coming!

4th of July

We had such a fun 4th of July. A huge reason is because the weather was so nice. For some reason it's been a very pleasant summer. I thought it would be extremely humid by now. It was so fun just hanging with my little fam.

We went up to Saint Charles for the parade and stuck around afterwards to buy food from some of the vendors along the river. It was so nice having a picnic by the river.

We spent the afternoon playing in water outside.

And Drew put on a nice fire works show for us:)

After the girls went to bed we sat out on our deck and watched two really great fireworks shows. Melanie came running out of her room because she thought there were bad guys in our house. So sad. So she stayed up with us:) The pool down the street puts one on, so it was perfect. I can only hope we have this kind of weather next year. Or I guess just count my blessings that I got it this year!

Saturday, July 05, 2014

Gender Reveal!

I am over halfway done with this pregnancy!! Woo hoo! I love this stage. I feel really good, just waiting for the ginormous stage to come. My friend Jena threw us a gender reveal party. And I LOVED IT! It was such a fun way to find out. It was tough not knowing at the doctor's office, and handing that envelope over to Jena, who was so excited to be the only one who knew! Drew had convinced me that it was a boy, I was so sure of it by the time the party came around that I was shocked when we cut the cake. You can see the shock on my face in the video. Even though I really shouldn't have been, look at our record:)
 Anyway, I am so excited to have four girls running around. I like to picture them in their adult years getting together on sisters trips. How fun would that be? It will be a little crazy to have 4 under 4, but crazy is all I know.

Thanks again to Jena for making it so much fun. She had so many cute party ideas that I wish I would have taken more pictures of. I guess I was just so excited!

Everyone had to choose a pink or blue clothes pin.

And the winners got these! (I didn't win but I still snagged some anyway:)

Just enjoying some pink cupcakes! (She ate 3)

This was the most delicious cake! I think Jena should go into the cake making biz.