Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Color Me Mine

This past weekend my friend Marcy and I went to Color Me Mine. It's a sweet place. I love it! They have a ton of pottery that you can choose from and then paint it. I decided to go big and design a cookie jar. There are a few rough patches but for the most part it's great. Drew said that because it was a bit pricey that I had to promise to fill it with homemade cookies at all times. Do you think he'll notice that the Oreos aren't homemade? 
Marcy made a plate, and it was amazing. She's an expert. I didn't get a picture of her finished product but it was fabulous.
So anyway when you come by have yourself a little treat:)

Here's Marc. Look at that design!

Here's my cookie jar before.


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Inner Tube Water Polo

Well we have found our new intramural sport. Inner tube water polo. We had our first game on Friday. It was pretty fun. My arms were super sore. 
I almost had to wear a shirt over my swimsuit because I forgot it's against the rules to wear a tankini at BYU, so I tucked it into the bottom. Yeah I did look pretty cool. 
I think our team is going to be pretty good. I need a few more games to practice. We are going for another shirt baby!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

The Festivities

Well I realize I haven't posted in a while, so I will just give the run down of what has been goin on. 
We left Provo on the 19th to head back to Colorado for the holidays. Drew came to school with me that day. I wish I had taken pictures during the party, but I didn't. They loved "Mr. Foster." It was so cute. 
The day after we cam home we got together with a bunch of high school friends. I love having the same friends, it's so fun.
I will try and share some other moments with pictures.

Opening presents on Christmas.

Snowboarding with my mom at Breck.

Ave's game. It was so fun! 

We tried to clear out our pores.

He was trying to get away from the camera. But I finally got proof that Drew did it too!

We hung out with Emily and Kevin. It was a blast. It makes me so excited to move back.

Emily is our pen pal! Love it. 

Dinner with the fam. My niece Kyla. She is going to be a big sister!

Our anniversary dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. We then went to the Grand Hyatt in downtown Denver. It was awesome! We wrote our annual letter to each other. We've made it two years. I love this man!

We then drove up to Laramie to see the Milmonsters. Little Milmonster is adorable. I don't know why it never is normal to see my friends have babies. It is so exciting.

Now we are back in Provo and getting ready for the new year.