Sunday, April 22, 2012


 I know it's a bit past Easter, but I have to make sure I get everything on the blog. We had a great Easter. We were able to have dinner with both sides of the family, and have a brunch at our house with our neighbors. We had a little Easter egg hunt for Mel in the backyard. It was so stinkin cute. It is so fun when they get it.

Mel was very into dying eggs. She did a great job. No spills, but we were prepared when we stripped her down.

Couldn't get a smile out of the woman, but here she is helping dad.


She was so excited to see there were treats inside the eggs. Here she is showing everyone her pretzels. And it's so great because she doesn't know there is supposed to be candy in there. So she enjoyed pretzels, goldfish, and animal crackers.

Although every time she opened one she felt like she had to eat everything inside.

This is like three handfuls of food shoved into her mouth.

Don't ask us why we have a sled in our yard right now, but she loves it. After the hunt was done she just relaxed in the sled and enjoyed her spoils.