Sunday, July 24, 2011

Foster Family Reunion 2011

We just got back from our family reunion in Breckenridge. It was AMAZING. We had such a good time. The place we stayed in was incredible. Each family had their own super nice room and bathroom with sleep number beds and all. We did so many fun things, but just being with the fam was good enough. And now Drew has 3 weeks off! Ah... perfection.

We went on a nice little hike (Drew wasn't here this day)

My sister-in-law, Dana and I. My soul sista. I cried from laughter with her several times. I still can't stop.

The ladies went on a little trip to town and had lunch. I love all the ladies in the Foster fam. So fun.

The kids made this fort. So cute.

We had a luau on Thursday night.

We took a ride up on the gondola.

I love Mel's smile here.

Mel loves uncle Adam and aunt Laura.

Liz and I on a walk to the park.

Dance Party! Hilarious.


Our limbo winners. Nice work ladies.

Manliest Man competition. This is the "rock heave." This is seriously hilarious to watch.

The car push

The broad jump.

The rock throw. (They had to hit a target)

Rock hold

The 2011 Manliest Man with his trophy.

We did some serious hot tubbin. It was great after the kids went to bed too. We had two hot tubs so we had to mix and mingle. Red Rover style.

Mel was tearin it up in her roller. She was rollin over kids left and right. Watch out people!

The kids all slept in the loft. Slumber Party!