Sunday, March 11, 2007

A Day In The Life of Kristen and Drew

We thought that everyone would be interested in what a normal day looks like at the Foster home (Drew and Kristen that is). We decided to take a few pics to help you visualize us in Provo.

This is in the morning, when I reach over to press snooze. Drew hates the snooze, but I love it. I set it about fifteen or twenty minutes before I actually want to get up. I need a gradual awakening.

This is Drew studying in the morning, he really tries to be productive every minute:)Just look at the man.

This is what I do everyday, I teach little kids. I practice with one right before I head out. He just loves big books!

Here is the outside of our mansion. I know you thought it was probably a little more trailer like, or a bit smaller, but you were wrong because we are livin the life my friends.

Here is my wonderful husband making cinnamon fingers. He has done a great job, and luckly he thinks he is the best at making them and therefore won't allow anyone else to. That really works out for both of us.
Well, I couldn't get any more pictures up because it I guess that is all the space available, but there were just a few you missed out on, like Drew practicing his karate kid moves, and a nice shot of us in the wonderful weather.
I hope this allowed to see what our lives consist of. Don't worry we know that it is very exciting.