Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Kyla Grace Anderson

My sister just sent me some pictures she took over Thanksgiving. I absolutely love being home because I get to see my niece. It's hard being far away when she's changing so much. I am around kids all the time, and have lots of nieces and nephews on Drew's side who I love so much, but there is something about when it's my own sibling's child. Sometimes I can't believe that my sister has a daughter. She looks just like her. She is the cutest little girl, and melts my heart when I am around her. She is a girl who is loved. Everyone is fighting for her attention every moment. That could have something to do with being the only grand child. Anyway, it's just so fun.

Look how happy she is with us:) Ok maybe she sees her 
mom taking the picture.

                                                             The proud grandparents