Sunday, November 09, 2014


We are so excited that Blakely is here! I was very surprised to go into labor 3 weeks early! I was a little worried it was too early, but after she came and was healthy and a great size, I realized 37 weeks is awesome!! My water broke on Wednesday Octber 29th at 12:45 in the morning. I was sleeping, and was very confused when I woke up from what I thought was a dream and had peed my pants. (I know TMI) But really, I was so confused. It took me a while to actually realize it was probably my water since I don't usually pee my pants! I didn't wake Drew up until 2:00 a.m. because I only had a few contractions and they were about 30 minutes apart. I finally decided I should probably go to the hospital. I don't know exactly what I was thinking, but I decided that I would drive myself to the hospital and call Drew when things got serious. I just didn't want our friend Stacy to have to come over yet if she didn't have to. It probably wasn't the best choice since we hadn't had our hospital tour yet so I didn't know where anything was! And it turns out when your water breaks, it pretty much doesn't stop. I looked ridiculous walking in there. It didn't take long before I told Drew to just come over. The hospital was so busy with babies that it took a bit just to get a room. When they finally got me in the started me on a little pitocin. I was a little worried about having a vbac, since I knew there was a chance of having a c-section again. I was worried that an epidural would slow down labor so I put off getting it for a long time. That was a bad idea. I waited until I was 8 cm dilated and in the worst pain of my life. There were just no breaks between contractions, and they were long and soo intense. Once I got the epidural I could smile and get ready for baby girl. I pushed for eleven minutes and out she came at 10:41 a.m. She weighed 6 lbs 14 oz and was 19 inches long, and has beautiful blonde hair. We named her Blakely Megan Foster. We just liked the name Blakely, and Megan is Drew's sister's name. We love Megan, she is such a great aunt!
 I have been recovering really well. I appreciate this recovery so much after having a c-section! Blakely has been such a good baby. She never cries unless she's hungry. Although she's pretty much hungry every two hours! But she's already getting better. She is just so cute. I can stare at her all day. I've had so much snuggle time with her since I've had so much help with Drew being home for a few days and my mom coming. Now we have Mickey and Margaret coming, and then Megan. The girls have been so good with her. They are very gentle, and always concerned with where she is and what she's doing.

Bathing beauty! Just getting that bilirubin down.

Baby Showers

A lady from one of my gym classes organized this baby shower for me. She got a seriously delicious cake, and they gave me some very nice gift cards. It was so thoughtful.

The kids were pretty happy about the party too!

Jena organized a baby shower at an adorable restaurant. It was perfect. Let's just say Jena has done a lot for this baby! I am so thankful to have her.
Fellow resident wives! Tiffany and Ashley.

Stacy and Melissa also helped a lot!

Fall Fun!

We were lucky to have Drew's brother Adam and fam come spend a couple days with us. We checked out our first pumpkin patch.

Our second pumpkin patch was at Pumpkinland. It is really close to our house, and has so many fun things for kids. We were able to go with my in-laws.

And our last pumpkin patch. The girls were lovin it.
We finally got to go to the City Museum. It is incredible! It's hard to even show through pictures, but it's just the most random amazing art/playground. You can see Drew going down this slide with one of the girls.
This was not meant for a pregnant lady!

We went to Boo at the Zoo with Melanie's preschool class. They made cute pumpkin shirts for the night. We had dinner at the school with all the other families and then headed to the zoo.

Drew followed tradition again this year with his totally creepy mustaches. It's tradition to have very strange mustaches the week of interviews for the incoming class. I'm wondering if it makes people think twice about coming here!

Daddy Daughter date. Abby's turn for a date. Dinner and night at the park.

Oh my.... this banana! They used all their tickets at Dave and Busters to get her. They are still obsessed!

You have to make raking leaves fun somehow!

Drew and I got to go on a breakfast date the weekend before Blakely was born. Glad we snuck it in! It was such a cute cafe. We enjoyed sitting outside since it was so nice out.

We celebrated Ashley's little girl (coming in December) with a little brunch at Crepes Ect. It was maybe the best breakfast I've ever had! (yes I'm wearing the same outfit. Slim pickins at the end of pregnancy)

We got to go visit Mel at school when the fire fighters came. Abby and Lacey thought it was so fun being there.

Halloween!! Luckily Blakely came a couple days before so they could still go to the trunk or treat at church. And obviously so Blakely could wear this cute Tinker bell costume. Melanie loved being Rapunzel. She continues to dress up as her every day. I was so happy to find these costumes for Abby and Lacey. They love tutus and wings, so it was perfect!