Friday, August 30, 2013

The Liebster Award

Thanks to my friend Sara for nominating me for the Liebster award. Sara is a high school friend. We rocked our 4 x 8 team in track.

For those of you who have never heard of the Liebster Award, it’s a fun way for small bloggers to give recognition to other small bloggers (with 200 followers or less) for the contributions they make to the blogosphere.
Here are the rules:
1) Thank the Liebster Blog presenter who nominated you and link back to their blog.
2) Post 11 facts about yourself, answering the 11 questions you were asked and create 11 questions for your nominees.
3) Nominate 11 blogs who you feel deserve to be noticed and leave a comment on their blog letting them know they have been chosen.
4) Display the Liebster Award logo.
5) No tag backs meaning you can’t just re nominate the person who nominated you.

1.) What is your favorite type of shoe?
I love super comfortable soft shoes (basically slippers), but whenever I put on a pair of heals I feel pretty amazing:) 

2.)What is one goal you have for yourself in the next 5 years?
I would like to teach some type of class at the gym, probably like boot camp. I want to coach track and cross country at a high school too. I will probably just choose one to start with. I just want to be home before and after school.

3.) Which type of candy is your favorite?
I pretty much love all candy, but Dove milk chocolate is my favorite. (milk chocolate, not dark chocolate. Drew won't make that mistake again:) 

4.) What is your favorite season?
Fall. I am SO excited to see what fall is like in Saint Louis, I have heard it's pretty great.

5.) What is your least favorite chore?
Laundry. I really like things clean. I am constantly cleaning, but I can let a load of laundry sit for days. I wish I could just put it away right away, but I guess I would rather iron or go with a wrinkled shirt than put it away immediately. (Let's be honest, I hardly iron, wrinkled isn't so bad)

6.) Why did you start blogging?
I'm not very good about journaling or scrapbooking, and I want to have something for my family and future generations to have. I have my blog made into a book from so we can have it around to look at.

7.) What 3 words describe you best?
I am terrible about answering this question. I guess active, easy-going, some might call me funny.

8.) If you had an entire day to yourself, what would you do?
Oh man, that really sounds amazing. And also, if I had unlimited funds right? Well, I would sleep in, go to the gym or on a hike or a run, then take as long of a shower as I wanted. Then I would go shopping, and after that I would come home and read a book or magazine and take a nap. Then of course have food delivered to me, and probably watch a chick flick or a good show. (It's mostly just the little things, like not feeling rushed that sounds so great)

9.) What did you want to be when you were little?
I had really big dreams. All I can remember is wanting to be a waitress. I had my own pad of paper for taking orders and everything.

10,) What is your favorite TV show?
Modern Family

11.) What is an interesting fact about you
I guess I'm not that interesting since I can't think of anything. I really love cooking. But since I've had kids and barely have time my meals aren't all that spectacular. Or maybe it's because I can't stand watching my kids throw their food on the floor or just simply not eat it after spending so much time making it. Hopefully when they are older they will appreciate it right?

Here are my questions:
1.) What is something quirky about you?
2.) Where is your favorite place to shop?
3.) Where would your ideal place to live be?
4.) What is a pet peeve of yours?
5.) What's the first thing you want to do during the kids nap time or just when you have time to yourself?
6.) What junk food makes you the happiest?
7.) If you could choose any career (besides motherhood) what would it be?
8.) Who inspires you?
9.) What's your favorite movie?
10.) What are you best at?
11.) Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

People I tag:
(just tag as many people as you want, don't feel pressure to tag 11:)

Monday, August 26, 2013


Well it happened. The first stitches. I am sure it won't be the last either. I would have guessed it would be Abby of all of them to get them first, because of how wild she is. But the funny thing is she wasn't even being crazy when it happened. She was just walking over to pick up a toy, slipped and landed right between her eyes on the fireplace. I absolutely despise our fireplace. The edges are extremely sharp, and the girls love climbing on it. I have debated about putting blankets on it, but I thought it would make it more dangerous. There was a twin girl named Abby that was at the ER a little bit before us on Saturday, and I guess she fell and hit her head on the fireplace and had to get stitches, because she slipped on the blankets. Weird.... It's a lose lose situation.
I was out to dinner for a girls night out, and poor Drew had to deal with Abby bleeding profusely, Melanie telling him she had to poop, and Lacey screaming out of her mind because Abby was crying. He called me and was very calm. He just said, "We've just had a little bit of an accident, and I need you to come home if that's ok." Of course my heart stopped. He told me he got the bleeding to stop, but that he knew she needed stitches seeing as how you could see straight to the bone!
 So I had to cut the dinner short. I guess that means we just have to go back! (We went to a place called the chocolate bar, and it was pretty great:) So I came home, and Drew took Abby to the ER. They ended up waiting for a while, and didn't get home until midnight. Abby was happy as a clam just playing with the toys they brought her and watching Baby Einstein. She doesn't even act like it bothers her at all. Although I wish she was a bit freaked out by it, so she would just slow down. I am watching her like a hawk so she doesn't split it open this week. I am so glad Drew was the one that was home instead of me. I would have freaked out seeing all that blood.
Abby is one tough little girl!

They were just holding on the topical to get her numb.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Potty TrainingI

 A week ago I started potty training Melanie. It was time. I was dreading it, because I thought it would be a lot of work, and diapers are just so easy. But I knew it had to be done, and that she was ready. I followed this method and by the second day she had it down. It worked like a charm for us.  The first day I spent the entire day just with Melanie. Drew took care of Abby and Lacey so I could focus all my energy on potty training. I pumped her full of salty snacks so that she would drink plenty of liquid and then have to use the potty LOTS! (I did feel slightly guilty about all the junk she got, but hey it was one day and it worked:)
 Her favorite part was getting to call a different friend each time she went potty. It was pretty cute listening to the conversations.
 She always tells me when she has to go, and she is fine going in public places so that's a relief.
I feel like she is so old now. It made me kind of sad, but also excited. She is just so cute in her underwear it's hard not to love:) I feel slightly more confident potty training twins next. Let's hope they encourage each other!

I love watching her pull up her panties by herself. She thinks this is good enough.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Abby and Lacey Turn One!

I can not believe they are already one year old! It is so crazy what happens in the first year of life. I think maybe the first four months were kind of a blur, maybe the whole year really:) They just grow and change SO fast! It seems like so long ago that we brought them home from the hospital. It's funny how at the time I didn't think the feeding, lack of sleep, crying, etc... was too bad at all. And now I wonder how we did it. As I am sure I will wonder the same thing next year. People always ask what life is like with twins. Most people assume it would be terrible I guess. Let me say, obviously it is double the work, but that doesn't mean it's bad. I actually LOVE it. The cuteness is too much sometimes. It's so unique and special to get two babies at once. Overall it's been a wild ride, and we love it. We love these two girls to death and love our little family!

We had some friends over to have a little birthday party for the girls.
Here is Abby in her birthday dress.

And here's Lacey. I had such a hard time getting them to stand still for a second.

Who doesn't like a giant cupcake?

Claire wanted a piece of the cupcake too:)

I love Melanie's face here. She was actually really excited for Abby and Lacey and the whole birthday experience, she also was excited to play with their new toys.

And here are a few random pics that I wanted to get on the blog.

They truly are best friends and worst enemies. They laugh and play together really well. They also can scream really loud at each other when they are fighting over something. I don't break up all the fights anymore. They seem to get over it quicker if I let them work it out sometimes. (this is a screaming picture, in case you weren't sure)

These two have such different personalities. This picture is capturing Lacey following Abby around the house. She follows her EVERYWHERE. Abby is definitely the instigator. Lacey likes to watch Abby do things first, and then maybe she'll try.

This picture kills me. Their faces are hilarious, and they were holding hands forever.
This girl is nuts! She climbs on top of everything. She has no fear, and she goes non stop. I think that's why she sleeps so well.
Here's Lacey playing peakaboo. Lacey can also be crazy, but she will take a good snuggle any time. She is so tender hearted. Which also makes her have some separation anxiety. They have had to call me over the intercom at the gym to go get my screaming child. We are working on it. (Don't mind the shoes everywhere, she has a shoe fetish. She is constantly dragging them around the house)

Too cute.

They love to pretend to take naps.

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Family Pictures

My neighbor Colleen was nice enough to take pictures for both of our sides of the family this summer. She is awesome!

We laugh at the way Drew is sitting, but we love this pic.

Melanie can not stand still for a second! Half of the pictures she is a blur.

My sis

Lacey was strugglin

Can't forget Sawyer!