Sunday, August 02, 2009

Flip That House

We are now settled into our new house. If you have ever seen the show "Flip That House," you will appreciate this blog. Here is the before and after shots.

Ok this is the front with the newly trimmed bushes, thanks dad!

Front room before. (I had to work around the red carpet)

After. I painted that picture to try and match the room. The room is now a light brown.

I didn't really do this in order but this is the 2nd bedroom before. Wall paper!!!!!!

After (Marcy it's callin your name)

This is the closet in that room, I have been using it as my craft room. Sad.

Our bedroom before.


The backyard. I forgot to take a picture of the nice grill thanks to Mickey and Margaret.

At night. We sit out here every night.

This is the kitchen, with the nasty chandelier.
The new and improved chandelier.

I guess I forgot to take a picture of the kitchen before, but it was just white. We also put in a microwave and faucet, check it out. I have such a handy husband.

This is just the view from upstairs.

Living Room before. It was yellow.

This is the same room.

Downstairs bathroom. Carpet and purple walls.

Blue paint and tile. Our friend Kevin helped Drew with that.

Downstairs bedroom/office. Wall paper took 4-5 hours.

Our new washer and dryer, courtesy of my mom and dad.
And last but not least our new kitten!!! Bella. She is tiny and precious. Yes I used to hate cats, but after living with Drew's family this summer (they have a kitten and a cat) I bonded with them.