Thursday, November 29, 2007


Well everyone, the time has come. We are now officially intramural champions, no need to say which division. None the less we are champions. Let me just tell you how it all went down; last night we played in freezing weather at 8pm, and let's just say it was a very sad sight. I wasn't feelin it in anyway, I mean literally I couldn't feel my feet. Anyway, we played a freshman team and they brought everyone they ever met to be their fans. Ok well maybe not that many, but their whole ward. They were pumped up and we were a little out of it. We lost and I must say anger was flowing through me. All last night I wasn't in a good mood. 
So I decided that today was going to be the day. I wanted to get there early and warm up (which usually we show up 1 minute before the game). That is showing you how badly we wanted it tonight... meaning we showed up at least 5 minutes before. I even told my students all about it, maybe so they could pump me up. They promised they would think of me. 
It didn't seem as cold tonight, and we kept shedding layers. The game started and we were playing tough. My lungs were burning like no other. We scored 4 points before they scored once. We were on a roll. Basically what I am trying to say is that we worked them. There was some anger flying back and forth, but there is no denying that we wooped em. Our team played the best game of the season. 
I remember a time when I was talking to Liz and I was telling her how smart her kids were, and she said how competitive our kids will be. I think that she is probably right. Drew and I are very intense, even if it's division three ultimate frisbee (sorry Ty I can't just call it Ultimate). I have been telling myself that I won't be one of those parents who yells at the refs or players. Tonight there were parents there who lost it. I am pledging right now to harness the intensity I feel inside. 
Here are some pics to show off our new shirts. Unfortunately we forgot to bring a camera to take a picture of the whole team. We decided to wear our shirts to church on Sunday and take one there. Ok... well maybe not with our shirts on.