Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Colorado Trip

We were able to take a trip to Colorado last week. We had a few days in Denver, and then drove to Fruita, where we had the Foster family reunion. It was a lot of driving, but definitely worth it. Whenever we go back it is just jam packed seeing everyone. And I didn't remember to get pictures with everyone, but I managed to get a few.

Melanie was SOOO excited! They all did a pretty good job in the car. I lost track of how many times we watched Frozen. Let's just say that movie is outlawed in our house for a while!

They loved playing the piano. Abby looks a little crazy with that hair and face!

It was so nice just being outside in the evenings.

Got to meet up with my friend Lori at our favorite place.

Emily and I had Chick Fil-A all to ourselves for breakfast.

Emily's son took a picture of our bellies. Don't mind the fact that she is two months ahead of me! You would think we were due the same time.

We hung out at Belleview Park with the Burt's.

Got to get some Froyo with my sis.

This is what the end of most days looked like. Mismatched clothes, crazy hair, and food all over.

Throwing rocks in Glenwood Springs.

We had our reunion at a farm. I know, it sounds weird. Because it was. But the kids loved it, and it worked out perfectly. There were two houses where most adults slept, and all the older kids and a few adults slept in tents outside. It has the most random little houses for kids, animals, a couple of playground areas, and most importantly a lot of space! The guy who owned the farm took us out on a hay ride one night.

We sat around the campfire late into the night each night.

Mel was so tired.

I loved running here. As you can see I was really hard core as I stopped to take a picture.

Melanie was pretty much in heaven the whole time. Her and Natalie are wrestling here. I hardly even saw her. She was so consumed with her cousins.

The pregnant ladies and the little ones.

We had fun playing in the water. The uncles loved the sling shot.

We went on a little "hike" at Colorado National Monument.

We couldn't get all the grandkids here, but close. 15 of the 19.

Manliest man competition. The first event was the grape toss. They had to throw it over the wire and catch it in their mouth.

The cheering squad.

Kids were very proud of their dads when they caught it.

Each dad was timed for the horse back ride with their oldest child. This seriously cracked me up. Mel was so serious and hung on for dear life.

We call this circle of strength. Basically they all pushed each other until their was one man standing. They were all over the place, It was pretty intense. I thought for sure there was going to be a dislocated shoulder.

A game of Blackjack.

And the manliest man this year goes to Matt!

We got to celebrate Jane's 5th birthday.

She ate every last crumb.

They got to hang out with some animals.

This is one of the little houses they loved! Looks a little creepy on the outside!

This little house had everything Christmas.

The school house was a favorite place as well.

Oops a little out of order. This is Lacey at Mickey and Margaret's house.

Hangin with their cousin Ellie.

The owner also took us on a "train ride."

Megan is such a good aunt. She helped out so much with the kids. They loved having her read stories before bed.

We also had a rockin dance party, and I only took videos. I will probably upload them later. It takes me forever.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Overload of Randoms

Sorry for the overload of disorganization. But I figured I better just get these pics up on the blog before I completely forget.

Yep! Babe Number four comin atcha in November! I made sure they checked for two babies! And I know people are probably curious, and it's probably TMI for others, but I didn't use any meds, and I got pregnant on the first try. Crazy right? You just never know.

The big announcement!

Showing off the bump.
My cute little ladies on Mother's Day.
Abby, Lacey, and their friend Claire are so cute together. They are besties for sure! They only see each other like twice a day!

We just had a garage sale. We made the kids work for their money. Too bad they ate a large portion of them! We had to train them to be pushy!

We really tried to guilt people by putting all of them out there. How could you seriously resist?!

The crew at Gran't Farm. I love that Abby and Mel are trying to get Arthur to smile, but forgot that they had to look at the camera too:)
They absolutely LOVE exploring in the backyard. I love it too!

Check out this bad boy I got at a garage sale for 5 bucks! Score!

We go run around this track often. Lots of races to be had.

Aquaport!! Summer is the best!
Sculpture Park. A little strange but cool.

Ran a race in Saint Charles. Melanie and Carson ran too. So cute. Jena got her first photo bomb here! She's pretty proud.

I take her swim diaper off at home just to see this! So stinkin cute. How come dimples aren't cute on adult butts?? Bummer.
I took Abby and Lacey to the Mall while Drew had a date with Mel.

Summer= stains!

Mel started her first swim lessons. She is pretty dang cute in those goggles!

I love doing Melanie's hair on Sunday! She walks around very carefully right afterwards. Don't mind the Sunday morning rush mess:)

I hide these from her. But the other day I heard her laughing, and this is what I found! She found them!

Library time. They sat here for a minute before running a muck!