Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Verdict

In case you haven't heard we are expecting two girls! We are very excited. I was shocked, because at my 12 week appointment my doctor thought she could already tell one was a boy. So I really hadn't thought much about 2 girls in a while. So it was a shocker. I think there are pros and cons to every combination of twins. I am excited to have three girls all so close in age. So cute. Everything looks great, and they are right on track. Now bring on more pink baby!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Road Trip

We just got back from a little family road trip. First of all let me just say if we had told you that we were going to take over a dental practice here in Denver from a family friend, plans have changed. For lots of reasons, but mostly Drew has realized he really wants to do Orthodontics. So, this leads me to our road trip. We wanted to check out some of the ortho programs in Kansas City and St. Louis during Drew's spring break. He probably has the best chance of getting into CU, but it is so dang expensive that it probably won't be our first choice. He will be applying to a LOT of schools so we have no idea right now.
Anyway, we were able to go to a few church historical sites on our way. I will explain with the pics.

We went to Independence, Missouri and checked out the visitor center there. There were some sister missionaries that took us on a tour and talked a lot about that time in history with the Saints. This is a picture of Mel in a little rocking chair. She loved running all over the place and destroying everything in her path.

They had a little play area for kids.

We also went to Liberty Jail. This is where Joseph Smith and a few others were held for five months in the dead of winter. There were false accusations of treason, so they kept them here to try and hinder the church from growing. Only to release them five months later because they had no charges. Joseph's attitude about the experience is incredible to me. Always positive. This is the dome that was built around the jail.

This is the actual jail inside.

Mel was amazed by Jesus.

We stopped in Jefferson City, Missouri where The Fosters lived for eleven years. Drew was five when they left. You may not be able to tell from this picture but the neighborhood was like a little paradise. There was a nice stream running through their backyard and huge trees everywhere. It seemed like the mountains to me.

But definitely the highlight of the trip was staying with our friends Jena and Logan in St. Louis. Jena and I took the kids to the zoo. They were so cute in the wagon. It was fun to have a day with just Jena while the boys were gone.
It was so nice to relax, go out to dinner, talk, eat Dairy Queen, and just spend time with them. The weather was great for us too. Thanks again guys!

We could not get a picture with both of them looking, but at least we took pictures. Here they are in their awesome hats at the gift shop.

Here's Jena and the kids checkin out some fish.

What a nice hug Carson! Melanie wasn't as loving this trip.

This is at the pool in Kansas City. She doesn't look happy but she was. We were the only ones there so we brought all her bath toys in the pool.

This is the hotel in Salina, Kansas. The place was sweet! We weren't sure what to expect, but it was huge and the pool with the water slide was a hit.

They got to hot tub. It totally stinks that pregnant women can't go in. (I know it looks ghetto, but I didn't even notice until I saw this picture)
It was a great trip. I refuse to weigh myself, because I am sure I gained 10 pounds from all the junk I ate. But oh well...

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Well I am 16 weeks and measuring about 20 weeks. Yikes! (Don't worry that's normal for twins) But don't judge me when you see me:) Starting now I go to the doctor every two weeks. And everyone should be so proud of me, at my appointment I told my doctor not to tell me the gender yet, because Drew can come to my next appointment. It was tough though. I get to have an ultrasound every time, which is so great. They are getting big. She said they were very active, and they were already head down. Which is a good thing. Let's hope they stay head down until the end of July, then I can hopefully deliver normally. Stay tuned in two weeks for the gender!

So... I don't know if it is pregnancy or in my head but I absolutely HAVE to have dessert. Either way who cares right? I'm pregnant, it's a great excuse. I love Dairy Queen and they have a deal if you buy a blizzard you get one for $0.99. Let's just say I have been a good customer:)

On another note, check out these pig tails! Oh how I love them.

And my favorite outfit of Melanie's. This picture can't even capture how cute she is in it.

Monday, March 05, 2012

Emily's Baby Shower

A couple of weeks ago I got to have a baby shower for my good friend Emily. Me and Emily's friend Emily put it on. I know confusing. So many Emilys. I wish we had gotten a picture with the three of us, but we forgot.
She is having a baby girl in just a few weeks. So exciting! She is naming her Stella. So cute. Can't wait.

Yes this is a bad picture. The sun was blinding. But you get the picture.

Emily's mom made these cute letters for Stella's room.

Emily and Mary

She got tons of awesome presents.

Such cute wrapping ideas.

Everyone was so focused on their games. I love it.

I can't wait to meet Stella!

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Beautiful Heartbreak

A few months ago I went to Time Out For Women, which is a women's church conference. Hilary Weeks was there. She is a singer and just a great person. I adore her. She sang a few of her new songs and they are beautiful. I listen to two of them probably every day. This song is called Beautiful Heartbreak. It is about trials that shape us. She wrote it after three of her friends had to deal with losing children. But it applies to all trials. I think I cry every time I hear it still, but it is just so great. Because life is tough and we are all going to have to deal with heartbreak, and it will shape us. Hopefully for the better.

Also, she has another song I love which is called Stand Still. It's about not wanting your kids to grow up. Love it! You can download it on itunes. There was no video. Bummer.