Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Grays and Torreys

My sister Lori and I just hiked two 14ers, Grays and Torreys. Although it's really like we hiked one mountain and two separate peaks. But still..... two 14ers. It took us about 5 hours. Not bad. Thanks Lori!!

This is at the top of Torreys.
(I didn't post the one on top of Grays because I wasn't even looking)

This is coming down Grays on the way to Torreys.

This is going up to Torreys. That was pretty tough.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Summer Break

The past three weeks have been so fun. I love when Drew has a long break like this. I could have him home all the time. So here are some of the things we have been up to.

This pic is blurry I know, but I will replace it with my friend's later. This is Jessie's wedding. All of us have been friends since elementary school. It was a blast.

Jena and I with our sweet shades, that we took from the people sitting across from us.

Mel was a hit.

Yeah, Brad is funny looking.

We also had a pool party the day after the wedding. Pics to come.

My family went up to Estes Park for a little weekend get-away. So fun.

Rocky National Park
Sissy and I

Check out that moose. (No not me)

Drew and I hiked Mt. Elbert. It is the second highest mountain in the continental U.S. Pretty steep, but so great. I love hiking with my hubs.

We were in a cloud at the top.

Sawyer loved every minute. He ran up and down the entire time.

We also went on a little camp out at Devil's Head with some friends. Mel did great. Thanks to Jeff for the finely cooked food. So good.

Sterlings, Greens, and us

We went on a hike the next day.

These are the stairs to the very top. Pretty sweet.

Mel couldn't make it to the end without a nap. So cute.My friend Allie and I at her bridal shower. Can't wait for the wedding next week!

And of course I had to add a few cute pics of the Melster.

We find Mel in so many funny positions now in her crib.

Pulling up!

Poor Sawyer. This is his life now.

Update on Mel:
*Super fast army crawl, so close to a regular crawl
*waves "hi" and "bye
*pulling up on everything
*can go from laying down to sitting up
*loves loves loves baths
*still the cutest girl in the world