Sunday, February 01, 2015

The Big 3-0!

Drew and I both turned 30! It was definitely a memorable one! We are thrilled to be in our thirties! I feel like it will be the prime of my life. 40 will be a different story.....

Jena and Drew threw me a sweet surprise party. I had NO idea. They were pretty sneaky. It was a week before my birthday so it really hadn't even crossed my mind. I just thought we were having a little dinner at the Jones's. Jena has thrown me soo many parties. I love her SO much. She is the best friend any one could ever ask for.
Jena makes the most amazing cakes and frosting! Drew made this sweet fruit pizza, and we enjoyed some Jilly's cupcakes and chocolate covered strawberries. Oh and I can't forget eating my favorite pizza! Jett's pizza is the best!

Jena, Heather, me, Melissa, Sabrina, and Ashley. Husbands were also there, but this is a ladies pic only!

The morning of my birthday Drew had everything all ready when I woke up. Check out this awesome sign!

Not a bad way to start out my thirties!

I forgot to get a picture at Tucanos. We went there with our friends Stacy, Donny, Ashley, Al, Melissa, and Jena. It was delicious as always! Afterward Jena and I headed over to get some Froyo! It's not a birthday with out Froyo!

Three weeks after I turned thirty it was Drew's turn! We were going to go to Tucanos again (yes we love Tucanos, plus they give you a free birthday dinner) but I didn't make a reservation since we showed up at 5:00!!!! I thought only old people go at 5:00. Wrong! So we headed over to Texas Roadhouse instead. It was soo fun. Although they didn't give us a free meal:(

Even though I don't love this picture of me, Lacey is so stinkin cute I couldn't resist!

Drew was super excited to ride the horse;)

The girls and I wrote thirty things we love about Drew. I also had a lot of Drew's friends and family write emails to our girls that they will read when they are older. Everyone just wrote memories, and things they like about Drew. It was a lot of fun to read them, and to hear how much people love, appreciate, and admire him. We know some pretty funny and kind people!

Drew asked that for his birthday I take him somewhere that I would never choose myself. Let's just say I'm not the most adventurous eaters! So we went to a place called Lu Lu's. It is Chinese food, but not the kind that I like. Chicken feet anyone? So these pictures crack me up! I asked one of the waitresses to take our picture. I thought she would just back up and take it of all of us, but she had us all move to one side of the table, and then couldn't seem to get us all in. We joked because it was like Logan and I were a couple and Jena and Drew were.

Sunday, January 04, 2015


This has been my favorite Christmas yet! The older the girls get, the more fun it is. This was the first year I actually didn't care about getting anything, since I just was living through my kids. I was so excited for them! I just love everything Christmas! One of our favorite things to do was drive around to look at lights. We probably went every other night.

Just enjoying some hot chocolate around the tree after we put it up! (They love to be naked!)

We loved reading Christmas books!
I just noticed this picture on Drew's phone. He snuck a pic while I was reading The Polar Express. They really got into the book and movie, since my mom got Melanie the deluxe version that came with a bell.

I sent this picture to Drew one day after our elf Ralph took a hard fall from the curtain rod. I didn't know what to do. The girls were very concerned since we are not supposed to touch him!

We were over at Jena's house when we saw Santa cruisin around! The girls loved this Santa! Lacey even gave him a high five!

I thought they were so cute at Drew's work Christmas party. They were just snacking on some appetizers while we were waiting.

I was able to go to Melanie's preschool Christmas program. It was so cute!! Melanie was pretty scared of Santa, but since he was giving out presents he wasn't sooo bad.

Just hanging out with this giant Santa at the zoo!

I loved just hanging out watching Christmas movies!

We enjoyed making gingerbread houses at the Watt's home.

We also enjoyed making sugar cookies for Santa. Although whole wheat is just not the same.

She went a little heavy on the sprinkles!

Christmas morning!

Drew always makes a wonderful breakfast. He did not disappoint!

Blakely loved her new playmat!

The girls each went to the dollar store to pick out presents for everyone. Here's Abby giving Blakely hers.

This was by far her favorite present. Princess jammies. She wants to live in them.

I made us some matching aprons for us. Now I just have to get over the fact that they are going to get dirty!

This was a princess Christmas!! It is seriously out of control over here! I guess that's what happens with so many girls!

Melanie Turns Four!

Melanie turned four! She was a little sick on her big day, but that didn't stop her from having fun! Melanie is such a great kid. I am so glad that she is my first born. She helps me so much! She enjoys doing favors for me (most of the time), teaching her sisters new things, and leading the pack. She is probably our most tender hearted of them all. She reminds me of myself as a kid in some ways. I was also very sensitive. She gets so sad when we are disappointed in her (Doesn't stop her from throwing fits though). She also is OBSESSED with princesses. I am not exaggerating. She pretends to be a princess almost all day.... and night. Some day she will grow out of it, so I am just enjoying the imagination.

You can tell how sick she feels. Poor thing. Didn't stop her from putting on princess accessories!

Birthday cake pancakes!

We went to a place called Bounce U. It was bounce with Santa day. Of course the girls were too scared to actually talk to him, but they enjoyed the cookie decorating part afterwards.

Maybe it's because I just had a baby, but I didn't feel like doing a big birthday party. So I thought it would be fun to have our besties come with us.

After Bounce U, we headed over to Chick-Fila for lunch, where they enjoyed the playplace and a milkshake of course! Melanie loved the dress up clothes Carson and Claire got for her. Notice how she rolls up her pants and shirt? She always says, "princesses don't wear clothes under there dresses mom!" (said in a very annoyed voice!)

My mom was visiting, and was a big help with Blakely!