Saturday, September 27, 2014

Summer Lovin

Since it was time to transfer pics to my computer, I figured I better just put all these randoms on the blog. So here's a peak at our last few months.

Drew and his brothers do a bro hike every year. This year they spent a weekend backpacking in Washington. They absolutely loved it. They basically hiked along the beach the whole time. I think it's so great they do this together.

We got to have Melanie to ourselves for a night at a Cardinals game.

Just a beautiful Saturday at Castlewood State Park.

Melanie started preschool. I love that it's just a short walk, and she loves it!

Date night at Drew's favorite sandwich place, Blues City Deli.

I just love Saturday adventures.

I can't help taking pictures of them after nap. They love sitting extremely close to each other while eating their snack.

This girl loves purses. And anything on her head.
They love to clean each other.
This is my 30 week picture. I am starting to torpedo. I am now 33 weeks. I'm really pulling for only 5 more weeks. I know, wishful thinking. I can hope ok.
Abby insisted on posing too!

My mom and dad came to visit. We had a lot of fun. We packed in some fun things like, food truck night, Ted Drew's famous Custard, the zoo, and Eckert's Farm for some apple picking and custard!

My mom and dad took Melanie to the Magic House while we attempted potty training with Abby and Lacey.

They are obsessed with looking at worms, bugs, really anything that can crawl.
She follows me everywhere, so when I get ready she is in all my stuff.
We had a fun time at Clair's birthday party. We picked some apples and did a lot of playing.

She tends to get stuck in things.

I love the pictures my friend Stacy sends me from the nursery at church.

My girls are obsessed with Stacy's guinea pig.

Just practicing.
Drew and Melanie camped in the backyard since there really are no weekends to go make it happen in the real woods. They had so much fun.
Mel slept like a baby. She is all over the place. Drew thinks he slept some:)

So we tried to do potty training with both, and had to call it quits after a couple hours. Turns out it is extremely difficult training two at once. So.... one at a time it is.
Just a little dress up with Claire.

We still have a few hot days left so we take advantage. Man those diapers are HUGE!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Abby and Lacey Turn Two!

I can't believe we have two two year olds!! I was just telling Drew, this might be the cutest stage yet. Although it seems to have the highest highs and the lowest lows. They are definitely 2! Although it seems like every month just gets easier and easier with them. They are growing up so fast! It makes me feel a little less scared about having another baby in a few months.
They really are best friends (including Melanie too, because they are like the three amigos). They love to play by themselves with out me around, except when they need me to break up a fight! Here's some pics and some super cute videos Drew put together for their birthday!

We had to have our birthday cake pancakes!
Abby got a little nervous about the candle since we told her not to touch it.
Then she got pretty excited when we took it out!

Melanie said she had to go put her crown on too to help celebrate "their" birthday.

We got some ice cream cones and headed to the park that night. Don't worry I do feed them healthy things too. But not so much on their birthday. They also got to go to Chick Fila for lunch:)

It was so cute watching them carefully open their presents and play with one before opening another.

Melanie picked out some new purses for them.

The next day we celebrated with the Jones family at a a park. Claire is their best friend. The three of them together is so ridiculously cute!

Just had to add a few other cute pictures. Why must they sit so close to each other all the time?

Just hanging out while I make dinner.

Abby gets in this little oven multiple times a day. (yes I need to repaint it)

Doesn't she look so old?

Lacey looks old here too!

My friend Jess gave the girls these 3-D bubble glasses for their birthday, that they wear all the time.

Such cuties.
video video