Monday, June 20, 2011


I forgot to give a shout out to Mickey and Margaret, my in-laws for watching Mel. Mel did a great job. She also was great in the car. Here she is greeting me at the finish. (Is that better Emily:)

Ragnar Relay

Well we completed the Ragnar!! It was amazing. I absolutely loved it. I want to do another one right now. If you aren't familiar with what a Ragnar is I will attempt to describe it. You have 12 team members split between two vans. Each van is decorated. Van one starts, and in our case they started at 6:15 a.m. All the teams are staggard so we aren't all going at the same time. Each runner in van one runs their first leg. Each leg is a different length and different difficulty. After van one goes van two runs their legs. We did this three times. We ran from Logan, UT to Park City. A total of 192 miles in 28 hours and 58 minutes. There were a total of 1,200 teams. CRAZY! It's the biggest Ragnar they have. The scenery was incredible. We ran through the day and night. It isn't easy running in the middle of the night but it is quite an experience. I loved doing this with family. It was Drew's brothers and their wives, plus a few more extended family. What a great bonding experience. Go team Fostersize! (If you have ever seen the movie Heavy Weights, that was our inspiration) Love you all!

Overall I was pleased with my runs. I averaged a 7:20 mile pace with all three legs.

Here I am on my first leg. Don't worry I am about to pass this girl. In Ragnar world they call this a kill.

This is what one of the exchanges look like. We had to use a slap bracelet as our baton.

This is after my night run. Check out all my night gear. We also had to wear a "butt" light as we called it.

Some of the team ready to cheer on Becky.

Drew is a beast. He just ran up a pass like it was nothin.

We were waiting for van one and captured some people using the lake to ice their muscles I guess. So cold.

I just had to put the picture of this grass man. He just kept jumping out of the woods at the runners. So weird.

I just love this pic of Angie. She had some really hard runs. This is how she always is even up a mountain.

Look at that encouragement!

The whole team together. From left to right.
(Weston (Angie's brother in law), Dana, Ty, Garrett, Beth (cousins), Me, Drew, Laura, Adam, Becky (Angie's sister)

Monday, June 06, 2011

Family Photos

My friend Olivia Langford took some family pics of us. She is amazing. Seriously. If you ever need pictures of anything let her know. She is so easy to work with, has great ideas, so many different locations to shoot at, and will meet your needs. You can check out her website here

We were goin in for the kiss. She doesn't know how she feels about that.