Sunday, August 11, 2013

Abby and Lacey Turn One!

I can not believe they are already one year old! It is so crazy what happens in the first year of life. I think maybe the first four months were kind of a blur, maybe the whole year really:) They just grow and change SO fast! It seems like so long ago that we brought them home from the hospital. It's funny how at the time I didn't think the feeding, lack of sleep, crying, etc... was too bad at all. And now I wonder how we did it. As I am sure I will wonder the same thing next year. People always ask what life is like with twins. Most people assume it would be terrible I guess. Let me say, obviously it is double the work, but that doesn't mean it's bad. I actually LOVE it. The cuteness is too much sometimes. It's so unique and special to get two babies at once. Overall it's been a wild ride, and we love it. We love these two girls to death and love our little family!

We had some friends over to have a little birthday party for the girls.
Here is Abby in her birthday dress.

And here's Lacey. I had such a hard time getting them to stand still for a second.

Who doesn't like a giant cupcake?

Claire wanted a piece of the cupcake too:)

I love Melanie's face here. She was actually really excited for Abby and Lacey and the whole birthday experience, she also was excited to play with their new toys.

And here are a few random pics that I wanted to get on the blog.

They truly are best friends and worst enemies. They laugh and play together really well. They also can scream really loud at each other when they are fighting over something. I don't break up all the fights anymore. They seem to get over it quicker if I let them work it out sometimes. (this is a screaming picture, in case you weren't sure)

These two have such different personalities. This picture is capturing Lacey following Abby around the house. She follows her EVERYWHERE. Abby is definitely the instigator. Lacey likes to watch Abby do things first, and then maybe she'll try.

This picture kills me. Their faces are hilarious, and they were holding hands forever.
This girl is nuts! She climbs on top of everything. She has no fear, and she goes non stop. I think that's why she sleeps so well.
Here's Lacey playing peakaboo. Lacey can also be crazy, but she will take a good snuggle any time. She is so tender hearted. Which also makes her have some separation anxiety. They have had to call me over the intercom at the gym to go get my screaming child. We are working on it. (Don't mind the shoes everywhere, she has a shoe fetish. She is constantly dragging them around the house)

Too cute.

They love to pretend to take naps.


Emily said...

Cute! Cute party! Love the big cupcakes! Mel's hair is getting so long!

Justin and Sara Smutz said...

SO cute my friend! How did you make those giant cupcakes????

I nominated your blog for the Liebster Award:) No worries if you don't want to or have time to do it!

Cunningham's in Idaho said...

You and Drew make some beautiful babies. I can't believe they are a year old

Kristen said...

Hey Sara, I used a giant cupcake pan (I got mine at Michael's) They are a little pricey, but not if you have a good coupon! I watched some tutorials online, and I loved it. Each cupcake is two boxes of cake, and you have to make it pretty dense using some more eggs and pudding mix.
Also, thank you for nominating me, I will do it soon:)


LOVE the pictures... especially the ones of Mel and the girls! Miss you!

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