Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Random Kid Pics

Melanie is doing a dance class and loves it! It is seriously the cutest thing. I wasn't sure if she would be shy or not into it, but no need to worry, she is so comfortable out on that floor. She loves twirling in her dance clothes, and she practices the positions at home.

She has completely attached herself to the girl sitting next to her. They have the same outfit on, so I guess she feels like they should be best friends.

We love our play dates! This is at the zoo. Since it has been FREEZING here, we have to find some fun indoor activities. They have a really fun play room there that the girls love.

Here are a few funny pictures of Melanie and Carson that I just had to put up.
Melanie's face here is so cute. She really adores him.

I love that he can play her games, and she plays his.
I am not exaggerating when I say that they have to be near each other. Like ALL.THE.TIME. I love it. Unless things turn ugly, then some space is good.

Abby has been going through some sleep issues, so I get a little extra time with her. She is the first one up from naps, and I just really enjoy watching her. I love the way she eats apples. She takes one bite out of one, puts it back and takes a bite of the next one, and so on until just the peel is left. Drew laughs at how much I love to watch them eat. It is so stinkin cute. Until they throw it on the floor.... that's not cute.

Don't mind Mel's face here. Just snuggling up.
They are constantly sitting on each other and rolling around hugging each other.

Just another example. Don't mind the butt shot.

This woman loves heals and purses.

Melanie over came her fear of the mouse at Chuckie Cheese and took a picture with him in it at Kylie's birthday party.

Just rockin out at Target.

This girl loves to play in the snow. It doesn't matter that it is freezing cold.

Just hiding from the doctor. No one likes shots.


Ruth said...

It is so cute that Melanie is loving her dance class.

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