Tuesday, January 21, 2014

L.A. Girls Trip!

This past weekend I was able to go to L.A. for a little weekend get-away with my friends Audra and Lori. It was pretty much awesome! I can't think of anything that would have made the trip any better.

Ok, maybe one thing. Getting to L.A. ended up being SUPER frustrating for me. It's a long story, but all you need to know is I was totally that crazy girl running through the airport, maybe saying a few things I shouldn't have said, and a few tears may have fallen. BUT I made it.... several hours later than expected. This is us at midnight (2:00 a.m. my time). We were a bit tired.
The next morning we got up and hiked Runyon Canyon. It was gorgeous. The pictures just can't capture it. It's this canyon basically right in the city, so you can see everything. That's the Hollywood sign behind us.
Then we headed over to Manhattan beach. It was very close to our hotel. We absolutely loved this beach and all the cute shops. We loved eating lunch on the beach. We especially loved the icecream shop... which we may have stopped at several times.
I thought for sure the water would be too cold, but after we got in we ended up spending a good amount of time swimming.

Here we are body surfing. We laughed really hard at ourselves.

Audra workin it!

Lori workin it!

The little aquarium at the beach.

We ate well on this trip. We ate at a really good restaurant at Manhattan beach this night.

And of course we enjoyed the hot tub several times. Audra was the crazy one, jumping in the pool and doing backflips in the pool.

This is our scary face picture in the hot tub.

They thought it was really funny that you couldn't see my swim suit. Don't worry I had it on!
The next day we went to the Fashion District downtown. Lori overcame some fears;) We may have been the only white people there. We did some bartering, ate some awesome food at a food truck, and got some sweet deals.

We just really loved all the manikins. Let's just say all the manikins had some junk in the trunk.
We especially loved these ones! Maybe it's cheaper to buy male manikins and then put wigs on??? Take a look at those hands.

This is a real gem too. Just slightly creepy!
Then we headed over to Venice Beach. It was another gorgeous day!

That night we went to the Erwin Hotel so we could enjoy the roof top bar for dinner We went right at sunset. It over looks Venice Beach. It was fabulous. We kept saying we just did not fit in. There were so many hip people around.

As we were sitting there, fireworks just started going off. No one knows why, but it was sweet.
The next day Audra and Lori left early, and I scheduled my flight to leave later so I could spend time with Jessie. Since she lives in L.A. she knows all the cool things to do. She took me to a really awesome restaurant for lunch. Then we browsed the shops, ate icecream, and strolled the Venice Canals. It was so nice.

Oh and last but not least this strange picture. This is just to represent all the very unique things in L.A. So strange.

It really was the perfect trip. I am so lucky to have such good friends. As I am sitting here it's about 16 degrees. Back to reality, but I am so glad I have these memories forever!

And thanks to Jena for helping watch my kids, and picking me up! And of course thanks to Drew for watching the kids all weekend and always letting me enjoy these kinds of things:)



Let's go back... I'm ready to go back. When should we book our trip?

Emily said...

Oh man! This trip just looks wonderful! I'm so glad you did it! I want to hear your airport story, guess we'll have a facetime date soon! Listen I don't remember it being that warm when we went for spring break! Who swims in January! LUCKY! Are you nice and tan now too??
Where is my cotton candy ;)
Miss you!

Audra said...

Loved it! Cant wait for the next one!

kim cherry said...

ok...can i say that you three are so beautiful! you DO fit in with the hip peeps. i think i smiled the entire time i was reading this post. :)

Justin and Sara Smutz said...

SO much fun! Just what a hard-working Mom needs and deserves:)

Jandi said...

Love it! SO jealous though. You 3 looked like you had a great time. If ever you need a 4th person on your next fun trip, I may know someone who could tag along?? So great you get to do these trips. Much needed for a mama of 3 little girls...

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